Great Female Graphic Designers of History

Great Female Graphic Designers of History

Great Female Graphic Designers of History

A guide of the great female graphic designers of our time: their stories, works and designs.

In Telling, advertising agency we like to remember and honor the great artists of our profession. We have analyzed the history of the great graphic designers of history, as well as great typographers such as Adrian Frutiger or animators such as Hayao Miyazaki.

But … what about women? All these personalities come from a time when male domination was palpable at all levels. An era where graphic designers did better than men but did not even have the space evenly distributed. The men had large offices with windows and they had to work in cubicles.

In the Telling advertising agency we have started a series of reports about the great graphic designers of history. We will meet Susan Kare, Deborah Sussman, Paula Scher, April Greiman and many more that we will update with the passage of time. A tribute to women who marked a before and after in the world of graphic design, advertising and marketing. Then we leave the links to know all the stories of the great graphic designers.

Great Female Graphic Designers: Susan Kare

Deborah Sussman

Paula Scher

Great Female Graphic Designers: April Greiman

Women pioneers in advertising and marketing

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