HBO en Twitter Los Soprano

HBO’s brilliant thread on Twitter to celebrate 20 years of The Sopranos

HBO en Twitter Los Soprano

A brilliant HBO action on Twitter to celebrate the 20 years of “The Sopranos” and it crash the net.

It is 20 years since the first episode of Los Sopranos was broadcast. The famous TV series created by HBO premiered on January 10, 1999 and became one of the best series in the history of TV. It marked a time as much for the quality of its narrative as for its impeccable realization. For many, it was the beginning of the quality series that we can enjoy today on different platforms.

To celebrate the anniversary, those responsible for digital marketing had a simple and even innocent idea; give as many people as possible nicknames Soprano style with its corresponding design. For that, they started to thread on Twitter where they could take their idea.

The tweet is simple, The problem is that it went viral in such a way that many celebrities began to participate in it. Idris Elba, Macaulay Culkin, Roger Federer or Jack Dorsey even Twitter accounts of Hulu, Ubisfot, History Channel, TMC, Juego de Tronos or Walking Dead.

An innocent divertimento that has been viralized in such a way surprised HBO on Twitter by the number of requests. And a total success in digital marketing, since each tweet of a famous one was retweeted by millions of people. We leave you with some of the answers.

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