The Heineken campaign creates a personalized beer for tourists

The latest Heineken campaign: “A ‘Dam Fresh Heineken” creates a personalized beer for tourists arriving in Amsterdam.

It’s curious the last campaign of Heineken to address the young tourists who travel to Amsterdam on holidays. The multinational has detected that many young people when they arrive at the city are choosing to take the first beer in a microbrewery where they make Craft beer.

In the end, Heineken started out as an artisan beer that became more and more over the years. And to remind tourists the status of ‘Original Beer of Amsterdam’ they have created personalized beers for travelers arriving in the city. They have titled the campaign as A ‘Dam Fresh Heineken.

Campaña de Heineken: A 'Dam Fresh Beer

And how did they do it? Through a campaign of banners, adwords and remarketing that reached an audience of people who had booked flights to Amsterdam. These encouraged people to fill in their data so that the brand could create an exclusive beer for them.

As beer takes 28 days to be processed; the chosen ones received photos and process updates through a chatbot in Facebook Messenger. They were also asked what they would like to do in Amsterdam. Once they arrived in the Dutch capital, the personalized beer awaited them in the central. It contained a personalized tag and a custom map created with your interests.

The Heineken campaign distributed beer to over 500 tourists arriving in Amsterdam between February and April.

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