Anuncio Icelandair para la selección islandesa femenina

The spectacular Icelandair’s advertising for the Icelandic women’s football team

A spectacular Icelandair’s advertising for support the Icelandic women’s football team on the Euro tournament.

Iceland’s national teams are often proud with their country in all the tournaments in which it participates. We all remember what happened in the EURO 2016 of France when the Viking country surprised us with his way in the competition.

Now the Icelandic women’s soccer team participates in the European championship celebrated in Netherlands as one of the ‘easy tem’s’ of the tournament. Its mirror is the success accomplished by the men’s team in the commented competition.

Icelandair advertising woman's team

To encourage the team, Icelandic airline Icelandair has made this tremendous motivational spot. ‘Unstoppable For Iceland’ wants to claim that football is not a men’s thing; and that adversity is overcome with confidence, constancy and effort. The inspiring and motivational story want to support to women’s football in Iceland.

Via | Sphera Sports

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