“Lamp”, the second part of the most famous Ikea’s ad

Ikea releases the second part of one of his most famous ads: “Lamp”.

One of the most celebrated announcements of Ikea was that famous “Lamp”.An ad that premiered more than 16 years ago and won many awards, including the best ad of the year and numerous lions at the Cannes Festival and of course, the n.1 position of the special “Best Ikea ads” we made in our blog.

Created by the agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky and under the direction of Spike Jonze, the advertisement explained the story of an old desk lamp that was discarded by a new Ikea. The advertising campaign was advanced in time thanks to a background storytelling where, thanks to music and melancholy images, we came to empathize with the lamp. A communion that broke in the last sentence when the actor Jonas Fornander broke the fourth wall in the middle of the rain with a spectacular claim:“Many of you feel bad for this lamp. That is because you are crazy. This lamp has no feelings. And the new one is much better.”. The ad is below.

Best Ikea ad: Lamp

Now, the Swedish multinational has decided to launch the second part of the successful ad.  The new Ikea ad takes up the story right at the moment when the previous announcement ends to show us how a girl picks up the lamp to take it home and reuse it thanks to a new LED bulb. The story have the same pattern and shows us in a melancholy way how happy that lamp is in the girl’s house. It is amazing how we managed to empathize again thanks to the images, which manage to represent the object-girl relationship.

As happened with the previous spot, Jonas Fornander returns to make an appearance to explain the value of reusing objects: “Many of you will feel happy for this lamp. That is not crazy. Reusing things is much better. “

Thus, Ikea reuses history to talk about sustainability, encourage us to reuse objects and give new life to products.

Via | La Criatura Creativa

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