Anuncio de Ikea | One Little Thing

The Ikea advert that encourages us to change things: “One Little Thing”

Anuncio de Ikea | One Little Thing

The Ikea Canada advert encourages us to take an active attitude towards sustainability.

The emergence of Covid19 has shown that climate change and sustainability are vital for future development. And that is what Ikea relies on to launch its latest advertising campaign. The Swedish multinational invites all inhabitants to save the planet by carrying out small daily actions.

Many brands have used sustainability and respect for the environment as one of the pillars in their business strategy. A clear example has been the last Estrella Damm campaign. This is how Ikea encourages us to be more sustainable.

“One Little Thing” is the title of the Ikea spot in Canada. An optimistic advertising campaign created by the Rethink agency and that, in a beautiful sequence shot, takes a tour of the different daily activities that we can do. The brand refers to composting, drying clothes in the open air, cycling or installing solar panels. A way of raising awareness with small tangible acts that we all have within our reach.

Under the slogan “Beautiful Possibilities”, the Ikea ad has been directed by Adam Berg and cinematographer Linus Sandgren, who has previously worked at La La Land.

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