Ikea’s Christmas commercial: “Silence the Critics”

Ikea’s Christmas commercial encourages us to host this Christmas.

The end of the year arrives and with the Christmas commercials. Brands do not want to leave the opportunity to show us their own vision of Christmas and begin to launch their ads. And every time they take reception of consumers to launch two or three ads these dates.

This year Ikea’s first Christmas commercial arrives from the UK and encourages us to be hosts and put aside those voices that tell us that our house is not up to organizing an event of this magnitude with our whole family.

“Silence the Critics” is the title of the Ikea’s Christmas commercial made by Mother London agency. An ad that they wanted to represent those inner voices through decoration figurines that we have at home. At the rap rhythm of the British D Double E, the objects begin to make fun of how the house is and that they will not be able to be hosts on Christmas Day.

When finished, the owners decide to fix the house to receive their guests in an easy, fast and cheap way. So Ikea encourages all Britons to show their homes and open them to spend these days with friends and family.

According to Sarah Green, Marketing Manager at Ikea UK: “Every home can and should be worthy of a meeting and that with a little imagination there is no reason not to be proud to invite the closest loved ones. This campaign aims Inspire everyone to prepare our homes for the party and “Silence the critics” once and for all. ”

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