Anuncio de Ikea | Next Generation

The emotional Ikea’s commercial after 80 years: “Next Generation”

Anuncio de Ikea | Next Generation

Ikea’s commercial shows us the importance of the brand in the lives of many people.

Ingvar Kamprad never have thought that her small furniture manufacturing company would become the big multinational it is now. A company that has reformulated the furniture manufacturing and marketing model to stand out from the competition.

A company that has managed to expand gradually giving great importance to segmented advertising by countries. We have talked long and hard about how the head office in Sweden grants absolute freedom to the creative departments of the different territories. Thus we have been able to enjoy great Ikea advertising campaigns, summarized in our report of the best Ikea ads that we made in our blog.

A sample of the quality of Ikea’s ads is the latest. “Next Generation” excites us by giving meaning to a simple piece of furniture. For 80 years these have been a natural part of the Swedes. Ikea has inspired people to have a more sustainable lifestyle and demonstrates it by connecting a multitude of memories in an armchair, and how these can be projected on the next generations.

The Ikea commercial is a simple and everyday story. Surely when we have grown up and have had children, our vision of our parents changes completely and we want to project what we have lived on our children.

“Next Generation” has been carried out by the Åkestam Holst agency in Sweden and directed by Martin Werner.

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