Instagram Test Drive

Cadillac Instagram Test Drive in Canada

Cadillac made an original Instagram Test Drive of its latest XT5 model on the streets of Montreal.

There are many brands that offer a Test Drive to test their vehicles. Mini performed an original marketing action with its original Mini Instadrive, an original configurator based on Instagram with interactive photographs.

Now the American automobile brand Cadillac has made an Instagram Test Drive in Canada to showcase its latest model to those who wish. To promote their latest XT5 model they walked the streets of Montreal with the address that marked the users in Instagram.

Instagram Test Drive

The Instagram Test Drive consisted of voting the photo published in the social network using ‘Likes’ that simulated the navigation interface of the car. Then the car performed the pertinent actions; Turn left, right or reverse.

For the lucky ones who lend themselves to the test they were offered small random gifts like gloves, clothes, … or a model of the Cadillac XT5.

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