John Lewis’s commercial for this Christmas: “Excitable Edgar”

“Excitable Edgar” John Lewis’s commercial for this Christmas with an adorable dragon as the protagonist.

The John Lewis’s commercial has historically marked the starting gun for the Christmas campaign. Many brands know it and try to advance to one of the advertising events of the year. And it is that the landing of John Lewis is usually accompanied by a large investment that eclipses all the Christmas spots released by the time.

Now, after that fantastic #EltonJohnLewis they return to fantasy to explain the misfortunes of Edgar, an adorable dragon that lives in a small medieval town.

Little Edgar gets excited easily and is not able to control the fire that comes out of his nose. Despite his efforts to adapt to the snowy environment and to spend time with those around him, his dragon status prevents him. His intentions are good but the result of his emotion is the chaos in his surroundings. Melt the snowmen, the ice rinks or the Christmas tree in the center of town.

Sad for not being able to help or participate, he takes refuge in his house, depressed. But her friend, Ava, comes up with a way to get him out and enjoy Christmas food with his family. Bring and light the traditional pudding that the English eat for dessert that day.

The final slogan “Show them how much you care” sums up the intention of John Lewis’s commercial for this year. An ad to the rhythm of “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, the song by Dan Smith Bastille.

John Lewis’s commercial was made by the agency Adam & EveDDB, responsible for the brand’s first announcement in 2009. It was filmed in Budapest and was directed by Dougal Wilson. To accompany the launch of the Christmas announcement, John Lewis has designed a range of special products such as a 15-pound stuffed animal, a Waitrose Christmas pudding and other merchandise.

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