Spot de Kodak: Understanding

The beautiful Kodak TV Advertising: Understanding

The new Kodak TV Advertising titled ‘Understanding’ tells the story of a gay teenager and his father.

Kodak, the company dedicated to the design, production and marketing of photographic equipment, began gradually to start again after the finnancial problems in 2012. It is still active and undergoing a process of restructuring and renovation to find again its location in the new paradigm of the photograph business, where the smartphones take all the control.

This process of renewal goes through the re-launch of advertising and marketing campaigns appropriate to the new forms of communication today. And the latest Kodak spot is a good first step for consumers to know that the American company is still active.

Spot de Kodak: Understanding

Filmed in 35 mm. with a Kodak Vision3 500T 5219 camera by Terry Rayment, the Kodak TV Advertising titled ‘Understanding’ tells the story of a family and a parent’s reaction when discover their son is gay. All begins with the little sister finding her brother kissing her boyfriend an tells tot her father. A situation of tension begins between the adolescent and his father, with situations of anguish and concern enhanced by the fantastic photography done by Kate Arizmendi that gives the spot an ambience according to the story.

With the slogan ‘The moments that capture your love’ the Kodak TV Advertising wants to be a starting point in today’s world of advertising for the American brand and to be able to continue growing to find its place in the new paradigm of the photographic business.

Spot de Kodak


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