Burger King’s new visual identity, a “sustainable” new logo

Nuevo logotipo de Burger King

Burger King’s new visual identity is inspired by the logo that the brand had from 1969 to 1999.

Burger King starts 2021 wanting to change. Already in 2020 he started a few small steps with a delirious campaign entitled “Cows Menu” and they gave us one of the best advertising campaigns of 2020 with “Moldy Whopper”. In it we saw the decomposition process of a hamburger for 34 days. But the pandemic arrived and abruptly truncated the company’s communication plan.

Now the brand continues with this turn in its communication to focus on the quality of its products. The campaign had more than 8 billion organic impressions around the world and generated a positive conversation about the brand and its shift towards food transparency and sustainability. To continue with this line, they have presented their renewed corporate image.

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Caterpillar’s giant Pac-Man with his excavator

Pac-Man gigante de Caterpillar

Caterpillar’s giant Pac-Man is a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the popular video game.

Pac-Man is celebrating its anniversary. The popular video game created by Toru Iwatani in Namco turns 40. A true global phenomenon since it was launched on the market, reaching the Guinness record as the most successful arcade of all time.

The tributes are happening and one of the ones we liked the most is the one created by Caterpillar and its excavating machines. A giant board created expressly to play with augmented reality.

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North Face campaign encourages us to restart our lives

Campaña North Face | Reset Normal

“Reset Normal” es la nueva campaña de The North Face que nos anima a “reiniciar” nuestras vidas

La irrupción de la pandemia, la posterior vuelta a la normalidad y la llegada de la nueva ola ha supuesto un traspiés para todos. Muchos sentimos que nuestras vidas están en pausa, que no podemos hacer muchos planes ni predicciones. Hemos ido superando distintas fases, la del confinamiento, la desescalada y la vuelta a una rutina que no volverá a ser la de antes.

Aunque muchas marcas nos animan a tirar para adelante, la verdad es que el día a día se siente extraño. Es por eso que North Face nos animar a “reiniciarnos” y explorar nuevos caminos, metafóricamente y literalmente hablando.

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Kit Kat gives her slogan a break for the brand’s 85th anniversary

Kit Kat da un descanso a su eslogan

Kit Kat takes a break from its slogan “Have a Break, have a Kit Kat” for the 85th anniversary of the brand.

Kit Kat’s slogan is one of the oldest in the history of advertising. At the telling advertising agency we did a special report on the origin of the Kit Kat slogan. The chocolate bar created by the Rowentree company in the 20s in York is one of the most popular in the world thanks to its slogan.

Now, for the 85th anniversary of the brand, they want to take a break from their slogan to propose an alternative one.

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Lego Adidas sneakers are a limited edition of unique sneakers

Bambas Adidas de Lego

Lego Adidas sneakers, a special edition that you don’t want to miss.

We’ve been celebrating Lego’s marketing and advertising strategy for a long time. In recent years it has focused its efforts on collaborating with other brands by launching special and limited editions. Thus, it has launched all kinds of new products such as Friends or Back to the Future boxsets or new proposals for adults such as LegoArt.

On the other hand, it has started collaborations with big brands like Ikea and now they intend to do it with Adidas. For this they have thought of launching a new collection of exclusive sneakers.

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“The Used Jersey” PSG’s original sports marketing action

The Used Jersey | Paris Saint Germain

“The Used Jersey” is an original marketing action recorded on hidden camera.

At the telling advertising agency we love hidden camera marketing. A very common practice in the first decade of the 21st century that little by little has been fading in favor of other formats adapted to new forms of communication. However, in the world of advertising and marketing, such funny actions are remembered as those of TikTok, Nivea or the TV channel TNT.

Now the formula has evolved to the point of making it global. And, what would you say if they offer you to meet your sports idols? You just have to take a little risk before receiving the big surprise.

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Corona Match of Ages summarizes 70 years in a single match

Corona | Match of Ages

Corona’s “Match of Ages” summarizes 70 years of the Mexican classic in a single soccer game.

Editing in the world of cinema, advertising and any video is an essential part of making the product as round as possible. Thanks to the magic of editing, audiovisual content can surprise us in a thousand ways. And even though we thought we had seen it all, there is always room for surprise.

This is the case of this Corona marketing campaign, which has managed to condense 70 years of images of football matches into one … and ensure that it has all the credibility in the world.

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Lego Art, the creative Lego experience to decorate our houses

Lego Art

Lego Art offers us a new way to relax as we decorate our homes.

Lego carries its entire history offering ways to stimulate our minds and enhance creativity and imagination. It was consolidated as a children’s reference thanks to its popular sets that each year were expanding and improving. The advent of digitization forced them to reinvent themselves, but they never lagged behind. Lego’s marketing and social media strategy gave them the chance to get to know their new consumers better, while consolidating lifelong consumers, now parents.

New lines of famous license-based products like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Marvel and the creation of animated movies based on the brand’s popular characters helped cement Lego as a featured entertainment product. Now, the Danish brand proposes a more adult-oriented step: Lego Art.

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The beautiful story of A-ha and Volkswagen in “Partners in reinvention”

A-ha and Volkswagen | Partners in reinvention

“Partners in reinvention” is the beautiful story of the popular A-ha group told by Volkswagen.

Car brands are clear that the road to electrifying cars has started and is unstoppable. Little by little the models that are launched have their alternative in electric format or have given up on their gasoline versions.

The most iconic cars in turn are making the transition to more sustainable models, and the brands are sparing no resources when it comes to advertising campaigns. This is the case of Volkswagen, which tells us in a beautiful story how the popular Norwegian group A-ha has evolved after its everlasting hit “Take on me” burst the charts around the world and defined a generation.

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The history of Kit Kat slogan “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”

Story of Kit Kat slogan

Kit Kat slogan has been with us for over 80 years. Know the story of one of the most famous slogans in advertising history.

In the world of advertising and marketing, there are brands that have been faithful to its principles since its fondation. We are talking about centuries-old brands that are iconic. We always think of the same companies: Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, Absolute or Audi, the “Hall of fame” of advertising. But there is a slogan that has always been with us, and that is older than the any other in the world. We talk about Kit Kat slogan: “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”. A slogan for a chocolates brand founded in 1957 in York (United Kingdom).

After learning the story behind the Nike slogan and the history of the Adidas logo, today we will review the story of Kit Kat’s slogan.

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The best advertising campaigns in history

Best Advertising Campaigns of history

A list with the best advertising campaigns in history. Memorable ads that have transcended.

If there is something that defines the components of the advertising agency telling is the passion for advertising. Proof of this is that from time to time we publish in our blog a list with the best ads of each brand. Before but, we spent an exciting time recovering, analyzing and remembering those advertising campaigns to be able to make such a list.

And is that good advertising is one that transcends and endures in memory. And, although the ways of communicating have changed, a good idea will always be better than millions of euros invested in the media. Increasingly and, thanks to the spaces provided by current platforms, brands can tell their story without any time limit.

A trend that has given us authentic jewels of advertising. Micro-stories designed to last in our memory and thus achieve acceptance by that brand. Today we have put together a list with the best advertising campaigns in history. All the reports that, little by little we have been incorporating into our blog, causing debate on social networks and generating conversation around the brand.
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“Buy with your time”, Ikea allows us to use time as currency to pay

Compra con tu tiempo | Ikea

Ikea allows us to pay with our time in your Dubai store

If there is something other than the furniture that Ikea really does well, it is advertising. Each country has its own creative department collaborating with different advertising agencies. And the multinational center gives free rein to do all kinds of crazy things. So they achieves that different advertising campaigns are intertwined in short periods of time.

A covert race that only makes Ikea put on everyone’s lips. In the advertising agency telling we love this strategy and we already assessed in its day analyzing the best Ikea ads.

Now, from Ikea Qatar we have been surprised with a peculiar proposal: You can pay with the time it takes to get to the center.

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KFC’s innovative marketing campaign on Spotify

Campaña de Marketing en Spotify

KFC’s original Spotify marketing campaign hacking artists’ accounts

Throughout all our campaign analyzes, we are warning you: advertising evolves in a dizzying way. Creatives are constantly adapting to new formats, new social networks and must be up to date to learn about new trends. A rhythm of adaptation like never before and that makes today’s experts the trainees tomorrow.

New actors break into the picture to change the way consumers understand. An example is advertising in esports, which we have talked about so much. Or how to deal with marketing strategies in Tik Tok, Twitch or Instagram. There are great examples of brands that have known how to communicate are their audience. Burger King and his ingenious Instagram Stories, Post-It campaign with their custom remarketing banners or McDonald’s creating playlists on Spotify.

Precisely this music service is the protagonist of the KFC campaign, which has managed to strain advertising on Spotify Premium. Let’s see how.

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‘Winning Delays’ turn holiday flight delays into entertainment

‘Winning Delays’ of Canal+ turn holiday flight delays into entertainment

Plane travel is usually the fastest way to move between great distances, but it has its drawbacks. One is flights delay, a problem that occurs more frequently without companies being able to do much about it.  The amount of delays is such that if you travel, you may have a 50% chance that your flight is delayed.

This causes great waiting for consumers and their consequent discomfort.To avoid this, Canal + has carried out an original action in Switzerland to entertain those passengers waiting for their flights. “Winning Delays” will offer us a free series depending on how long we are waiting for our plane.

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“Guinness Clear”: A Guinness marketing campaign… selling water

“Guinness Clear” is the marketing campaign that Guinness has done … selling water.

Brands are learning to speak the social networks language. And is that in a place where sarcasm, irony and trolls roam freely or adapt … or die. There have been many cases of serious and committed advertising campaigns to which the users of social networks have turned to the minimum error or incongruity to be memes.

That is why brands are beginning to trolling their followers. Recently we talked about the case of Snickers and the #SnickersGate and how it turned into positive publicity a joke joke. Now it is the case of Guinness, who goes for his last campaign has proposed to sell … water.

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