Best Commercials of 2019

Best Commercials of 2019

Best Commercials of 2019

Un listado actualizado de los mejores anuncios de 2019.

The year is reaching its equator and big advertising campaigns are already coming up. At the end of the year we usually take stock and give our list with the best commercials of the year, as we did with the best commercials of 2018. So we will be doing a compilation of the best commercials that come out during the year. Great creative ideas that may be left out of our list, but that undoubtedly deserve our full attention.

This 2019 is being marked without any doubt by the change that brands are championing. A change that has had its maximum exponent with the celebration of the feminine world-wide one of soccer of Germany. Big brands have bet openly to lead those changes that society has been claiming for some time.

As always, in the advertising agency telling we are telling you the latest news from the world of advertising, marketing and communication. We have done it in several ways that we encourage you to follow: Our blog, our twitterFacebook, Instagram and our new Youtube Channel.

We leave you with the best commercials of 2019.

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Hashtags of Arts - Rio de Janeiro

“Hashtags of Arts”, the campaign of the Museum of Fine Arts of Brazil

Hashtags of Arts connects new technologies and Social Media with Fine Arts.

Young people today spend more time than ever connected to social networks. Especially in Brazil, where it is considered the second most connected country after China. According to the consultancy Oliver Wyman, Brazilians spend an average of 3 hours and 56 minutes connected to social networks.

The same report points out that Cariocas are the ones who spend less time in a museum. So, how to increase attendance and make interesting the visit to the Museum of Fine Arts of Rio de Janeiro? Uniting the two disciplines with “Hashtags of Art”.

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Tramontina y Spotify | Flavor of Songs

Tramontina and Spotify team up to discover the flavors of music

The brand of kitchen Tramontina and Spotify team up to discover the flavors of music.

Music is an element that accompanies us in practically our entire life. There are times when we have it more present and others that less, but it always connects us with some lived moment, with some emotion or with some disconnection.

But have you stopped to think what your favorite song would like? This is what the kitchen utensils brand Tramontina and Spotify has done.

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Mejores anuncios del futbol femenino

The best commercials for women’s football

The best commercials for Women's Football

We analyze which are the best commercials for women’s football

Women’s football is in a sweet moment. After a long time, women who practice the king sport are beginning to be recognized all over the world. They are still far from their masculine counterparts as far as repercussion is concerned, but the trend is pushing them upwards.

Proof of this is the involvement of major brands in their advertising campaigns. The sponsors proudly wear their equipment and the investments destined to women’s soccer are being fired every year. The example of Nike’s emergence as a standard-bearer of the cause, followed by the other brands.

This trend is having a turning point with the Women’s World Cup that will be held in France. All the tickets sold, juicy amounts in retransmission rights and the big brands making an appearance. It’s marketing, friends.

That’s why today we are going to analyze the best commercials for women’s football. There are still few, but they are of a tremendous quality.

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McDonald's y Spotify | Fries List

McDonald’s and Spotify team up to offer you exclusive music

McDonald’s and Spotify have teamed up to offer consumers exclusive music in restaurants.

McDonald’s has a long list of collaborations with other brands behind it. We all remember the famous “Monopoly” of McDonald’s or the merchandising products that they gave us with each Happy Meal. They have had more successful collaborations and others that have gone unnoticed. But the attempt of the American multinational to go further when offering its products to customers is commendable.

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Streaming más largo del mundo | WWF

WWF has started the longest streaming in the world: Stop Plastic Pollution

The longest streaming in the world shows us the time it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose.

The fight for climate change affects us all, and NGOs must increasingly squeeze their brains to get our attention. The National Geographic campaigns are a clear example that surprise and impact us.

Now, WWF wants to make us aware of the actions of the human being and how they influence our ecosystem. The plastic in nature is becoming an almost unsolvable problem. For this, WWF has launched a petition to the global leaders under the name of: “Stop Plastic Pollution”.

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Alquila un finlandés | Rent a Finn

“Rent a Finn” and learn to be happy

Finland’s tourism campaign encourages us to “Rent a Finn” to learn to be happy.

The season has come in which to advertise tourist destinations. The brands and tourist departments throw all the meat in the spit to make known their destinations. We recently talked about the bucolic Vueling commercial, and we have seen large advertising campaigns to promote Sweden and many other destinations. Now it’s Finland’s turn.

According to the UN, Finland is the happiest country in the world. If this statement is not enough to catch a plane tomorrow to the Finnish country, they have made a fun promotion campaign.

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Restaurante McDonald's para abejas

The world’s smallest McDonald’s only for bees

The world’s smallest McDonald’s only for bees just opened.

Bees are one of the most important insects we have on our planet. They are the most important pollinating agents of the ecosystem and, nevertheless, their extermination is increasing. The use of toxics and industrialization are some of the reasons why we have fewer and fewer insects on the planet.

To celebrate World Bee Day, McDonald’s wanted to pay tribute to them. They have created miniature restaurants aimed at these insects. A project created by the NORDDDB agency in Sweden, when it was detected that many hives had been installed in the brand’s restaurants.

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Cocaine Routes de Narcos

“Cocaine Routes” brings you the cocaine with a personalized video

“Cocaine Routes” by Narcos allows us to create a personalized route to deliver the cocaine to our home.

Narcos Mexico is the popular continuation of the series that in its first two seasons was starring Pablo Escobar. Before there was a breake where they explained to us the investigations of Carlos Peña and the Cali Cartel, heir of the Escobar empire.

In his day, Netflix risked with the advertising campaign of Narcos. An aggressive and innovative marketing campaign that allowed them to flood social networks with positive comments about the series. And it was the kick-off to Netflix’s advertising and marketing strategy, which he then applied to his other products, playing with the message and the medium.

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The Vampire Poster

The Vampire Poster: The opis that burns at dawn

“The Vampire Poster” is the original way to promote “The Passage”, the new Fox series.

The outdoor advertising does not stop surprising us. We have always liked that brands devote their creative resources to the realization of outdoor advertising campaigns. They have given us great ideas such as Purina’s opis to check if our dog has diseases. Or the interactive opis to alert pedestrians. Or the Reebok to encourage us to run faster.

Now we get another turn of the screw from Brazil, hand in hand with BETC/Havas. The idea is to promote the new series of vampires of the Fox: “The Passage” that will be broadcasted in the country of Rio de Janeiro.

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Veggie Hacks Supermercados Vea

“Veggie Hacks”, the original action for children to eat vegetables

“Veggie Hacks” is the original advertising campaign for supermarkets Vea for children to eat vegetables

Feeding at home is often a problem, especially if we have children. Children do not like vegetables and making them see that it is beneficial for them is often very complicated. Aware of this, there are many supermarkets that have carried out marketing campaigns to avoid this problem.
This is the case of Delhaize supermarkets that changed the name to the vegetables or the endearing advertisement of Plus Supermarkets so that we can eat better.

Under this premise comes the last advertising campaign of Vea supermarkets in Argentina. “Veggie Hacks” is an original initiative for children to eat vegetables at home in a … different way.

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Marketing and Advertising strategy of Tesla

The marketing and advertising strategy of Tesla

Marketing and Advertising strategy of Tesla

How has Tesla come to be a reference without spending money on advertising? We are going to analyze the Marketing and Advertising strategy of Tesla.

Tesla Motors is the pioneer company in the manufacture of electric cars. But, how has a company founded in 2003 been the car brand with more engagement over Audi, BMW, Toyota, Cadillac or Porsche? The result is a mix of marketing and advertising strategies that have made a difference.

A strategy that has revolutionized the automotive market and caught up with the big names in the industry. Today, in our series of marketing and advertising strategies for large companies, we are going to analyze Tesla’s marketing and advertising strategy.

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Promoción Canal+ Cines

The original promotion of Canal+ in cinemas: “The movie credits hack”

The original Canal + promotion rewards those viewers who stay until the end of the credits.

One of the great dignified of the irruption of new technologies and the vortex of the multinationals is Canal +. Originally created in France, they made a Spanish version that they issued from 1990 to 2016. Later it was bought by telephone to re-adapt it to its current channel # 0. Most presenters, programs and style drink from the legendary French channel.

Meanwhile, in France, Canal + has positioned itself as the channel par excellence for those who love cinema. In an attempt to stop Netflix, Amazon and digital platforms, they have been creating a curated selection of films for all those who have their subscription.

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Unquiet Voices

The original campaign against gender violence: Unquiet Voices

“Unquiet Voices” is a campaign against gender violence that gives voice to women in silent films.

Gender violence is a scourge present in all countries of the world. In Romania, every 30 seconds a woman is a victim of domestic violence. A chilling fact. Despite this scary statistic, very few Romanian women dare to raise their voices to stop men’s feet.

With the idea of putting the focus on this problem. The NGO ANAIS and the agency Cheil Centrade have launched “Unquiet Voices”, a campaign against gender violence. This campaign has been made recovering silent films free of copyright.

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Anuncios de Lenovo | #NoMoreExcuses

A funny Lenovo’s commercials for the education sector

Lenovo’s commercials for the education sector will throw away all the excuses you have for not doing homework.

Lenovo, the Chinese multinational manufacturer of computers, tablets and smartphones has launched to the conquest of the education sector. With its new campaign #NoMoreExcuses wants to break into the products for students.

To do this, he has devised a series of ads recalling those moments in which students have made excuses not to hand in their homework.

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