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McDonald’s and Spotify team up to offer you exclusive music

McDonald’s and Spotify have teamed up to offer consumers exclusive music in restaurants.

McDonald’s has a long list of collaborations with other brands behind it. We all remember the famous “Monopoly” of McDonald’s or the merchandising products that they gave us with each Happy Meal. They have had more successful collaborations and others that have gone unnoticed. But the attempt of the American multinational to go further when offering its products to customers is commendable.

Now they want to go one step further to offer a unique digital experience in their restaurants. Now, when you order some McFries you can have exclusive music access according to your mood. It is an action developed jointly with Spotify that has created special playlists for the occasion.

Its use is very simple, customers are invited to place the chips on top of a code drawn on the tray. By filling it out, you can scan the resulting code via Spotify and synchronize it with the application. When Spotify recognizes it, it will redirect us to a profile called “FriesList”. These playlists will contain themes that match our mood. So, “FriTops of the Moment”, “I’m Out of Fries” or “Someone Stole My Fries” will be some of the lists.

The action of McDonald’s and Spotify has been created in Brazil by the agencies DPZ & T Brasil and Leo Burnett Colombia. The idea is to offer a new experience to McDonald’s consumers.

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