‘Epic Skeletor’ come back to dance Dirty Dancing in Moneysupermarket ad

The new Moneysupermarket ad brings us ‘Epic Skeletor’ dancing ‘Dirty Dancing’ with He-man.

Seldom have we seen such an epic, brilliant and spectacular spot as the Moneysupermarket spot featuring Skeletor, the popular He-man villain. We think the creators don’t expect the success of the advertising campaign. And they have not hesitated to perform a second part following the tonic of the first one, this time with the theme Dirty Dancing as a central song.

MoneySupermarket ad

Moneysupermarket is a British insurance comparator that brings us back to He-man. He walks into a bar to confront his enemy but instead of sticking, they start dancing Dirty Dancing. The situation is so comical that you have only to stand up and applaud.

Although the surprise effect is diluted, it continues offering everything that offered us ‘Epic Skeletor’. Nostalgia, fun, absurdity and parody are still present and show us how wrong they were at the Cannes Advertising Festival by not naming the Moneysupermarket ad in all categories.

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Anuncio de Moneysupermarket

Via | Adweek

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