The fun MoneySuperMarket ad parodying Thelma and Louise

MoneySuperMarket returns with a parody of Thelma and Louise made with toy dolls.

In the telling advertising agency we love the ads of MoneySuperMarket. Few creatives dare to catch He-man and Skeletor and put them to dance Fame or Dirty Dancing. Advertising campaigns that turn viral instantly and play the emotional bond in a peculiar and different way than other brands.

The last MoneySuperMarket ad is starring Shindy, the English version of the popular Barbie for a break in the purest style “Thelma and Louise” but made with toy dolls.

Shindy gets up every day in a traditional American neighborhood. He is euphoric because he has saved a lot of money thanks to MoneySuperMarket (a price comparison) and decides to escape from the routine and break with the model that society has imposed on him. It is a very marked style in the campaigns of the brand, criticize society and try to break the clichés.

A fun campaign, in the style of the latest spots. If you have not seen the brilliant ads with He-man and Skeletor yet, we’ll leave you below.

MoneySuperMarket ad with Skeletor

Anuncio de Moneysupermarket

MoneySuperMarket ad with He-man


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