Most Viewed Commercials on YouTube

The most viewed commercials on YouTube in 2020

Most Viewed Commercials on YouTube

These are the most viewed commercials on our YouTube channel

A year ago, those international advertisements were published on our YouTube channel. Always respecting the original source, mentioning it but with a desire to safeguard that more creative, more original, more transgressive advertising. There are very interesting things apart from the latest news, so we encourage you to subscribe to be up-to-date with everything we publish.

Now we are going to list those most viewed commercials on YouTube so far in 2020. After the equator of a year marked by the global pandemic and society has had to adapt to a necessary confinement. Brands have also had to adapt to give their best and reach the public with a clear and understandable message. We also recommend our special on the best commercials of 2020 to date.

We will see the most viewed ads on our YouTube channel.

10. Sprite – Orgullo

In 2019 Sprite launched “No esta Solx” to celebrate the Pride March of Buenos Aires. A spot where we see family and friends help those who want to participate in the parade.

9. Audi – Let it Go

The SuperBowl marks a turning point in the world of advertising. The announcement of Audi with Maisie Williams singing “Let it Go” from Frozen to present her new electric model was a hit with our fans.

8. Google – Loretta

The Google commercial of her voice assistant and as a person entering old age remembers the best moments lived with her beloved made her hair stand on end.

7. Amazon – Christmas

Christmas ads are usually the most viewed of the year. The dates so marked are used by the brands to touch the sensitive fiber. Amazon did it with their 2019 Christmas ad and their singing boxes.

6. Coca-Cola – Open

Coca-Cola launched the “Open” campaign to combat trolls, negative comments and discussions on the internet. The brand wanted to put a point of sanity and launched a global campaign that invites us to reflect on everything we are doing on the networks.

5. Coca-Cola – For the Human Race

Coca-Cola’s campaign during the pandemic is a call to hope. The brand took the structure of that mythical “Reasons to Believe” and adapted it to bring out the best in ourselves during the Covid19 pandemic.

4. Pepsi – Zero Sugar

Pepsi’s advertising campaigns are widely followed on the networks. All those followers who don’t like Coca-Cola campaigns tend to support those of the competition. To launch its new sugar-free drink, the brand made this ad for the Super Bowl.

3. New York Life – Love Take Actions

In the Top3 most viewed ads on YouTube this year is this from the insurer New York Life. It aired during the Super Bowl and describes the four Greek definitions of love.

2. Budweiser | Whassup Bud?

The second most viewed ad on our channel is this special edition of the legendary Budweiser ad “Whassup”. During the pandemic, everyone made video calls and the brand decided to edit its most famous advertisement to make us believe that the protagonists were in a pandemic.

1. Budweiser | #PostyStore

The most viewed commercial on YouTube is the one starring rapper Post Malone. Undoubtedly, the rapper’s popularity has made the announcement of Budweiser starring himself and premiered in this year’s Super Bowl rise like a foam.

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