Motivador Anuncio para los JJOO de París 2024

The motivating ad for the Olympic Games: “Sport can change everything”

Motivador Anuncio para los JJOO de París 2024

The motivating ad for the Olympic Games prepares the Parisian capital for its edition of 2024.

The Olympic Games represent a before and after for the world in general. The athletes, who look forward to this moment to show that they are the best, the participating countries, that proudly wear the benefits of their lands and the host cities, which have enhanced their image worldwide.

Obviously, brands are not going to miss the opportunity to give us new and original advertising campaigns. A showcase of such magnitude is well worth it. And we started to have some examples preparing the ground.

This is the case of Paris, which takes advantage of the proximity of Tokyo 2020 to prepare its candidacy for the Olympic Games of 2024, which will be the host city. He has prepared a peculiar vision of the Olympic Games, one summarized in the campaign slogan: “Sport can change everything”.

Created by the agency Buzzman and directed by Albert Albert, the motivating announcement for the Olympic Games is an ode to sport in all its forms. In it we see a succession of anonymous people mixed with legends of the French sport: Tony Parker, Sarah Ourahmoune, Teddy Riner, Kevin Mayer, Raphaël Varane or Emmanuelle Morche. All explaining how sports have changed their lives in different ways.

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