Movistar Speed Control, get free Gigabytes respecting the speed limit

Movistar Speed Control is an app that gives you free Gigabytes if you respect the speed limit in Peru.

In Lima, Peru, 30% of traffic accidents are for speeding. To raise awareness, Movistar Peru launched an original campaign entitled ‘Speed Control’ in which an app rewarded those drivers who respected the speed limit.

A Study made from Movistar found that during the summer on the southern beaches, most of the accidents due to speeding. Long roads incite to run to arrive at your destination before.

Movistar Speed Control

To try to avoid these accidents, the Movistar Speed Control app can be downloaded to the Smartphone. It monitors the speed at which the car moves through GPS access. Users only have to enter the destination beach and the application registers the speed. If the limits have been respected, the user receives 1GB free from the company.

Under the claim ‘Leave the Speed to the Internet’, the campaign wants to help reduce the accidents concentrated in the access road to the beaches of Peru.

Via | La República

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