Anuncio de Nike | Play For The World

“Play for the world”, Nike advert encourages us to play sports during quarantine

Anuncio de Nike | Play For The World

Nike’s advert for the Covid19 is titled “Play for the World” and encourages us to play sports during quarantine.

The advertising campaigns for Covid19 are launching as the pandemic reaches all countries. The state of alarm and confinement has taken its toll on those professional and amateur athletes. Going from being active on a daily basis to not doing it for a month can be exasperating for them.

That is why the imagination has taken over people and they have set up mini gyms at home to be able to exercise often. It helps that the gyms have held virtual classes to continue serving despite being closed.

Nike’s advert winks at all those confined athletes. “Play for the World” encourages us to play at home so we can spend time in a healthy way.

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The Nike advert shows us different people doing sports at home; in a constant in the advertising campaigns related to the Coronavirus. We also see athletes like LeBron James, boxer Ramla Ali and volleyball player Sara Hughes. The copy that appears emphasizes the concept that gives the title to the ad: “We may not be playing together. We may not be playing for our countries yet. We may not be playing for a large audience. But today we are playing for 7,800 million people ”.

The ad has been created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland and is part of the content strategy that Nike has created especially for the occasion. The “Masters Trainers” and the competition called “Living Room Cup” will encourage us to follow the brand in order to participate in these events and thus stay in shape during the pandemic.

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