Anuncio de Nike Never Stop Winning

Nike’s tribute to the world champions: “Never Stop Winning”

Anuncio de Nike Never Stop Winning

Nike’s tribute to the world champions is a message of vindication.

The women’s world cup has finished with the victory of the American team for 2 years or the Netherlands. It is the fourth world cup that takes USA becoming the great dominator of women’s football. But if the world cup celebrated in France will be remembered for something, it is because of the definitive explosion of women’s football.

The big brands have been involved in making an investment that was unthinkable a few years ago and that have been returned exponentially. The emergence of Nike as a champion of the cause is one of the great news that devotes to women’s football.

The American company, just as it did with its famous commercial “Airport” with the Brazilian football team has sponsored the American team. Together they have launched a message of women’s empowerment to continue vindicating their role that was reflected in the fantastic commercial “Dream Further”.

Now, Nike’s tribute to the champions of the world is a vindication of values. “Never Stop Winning” is the commercial devised by Wieden & Kennedy that, through an inspiring speech, relates the tremendous cultural impact they have achieved.

Thus, Nike manages to promote and strengthen its support for women in sports and, especially in football.

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Anuncio de Nike para el fútbol femenino | Dream Further

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