Anuncio de Oreo | Proud Parents

The Oreo commercial between a father and his daughter: “Proud Parent”

Anuncio de Oreo | Proud Parents

The Oreo commercial is a sweet story between his father and his daughter bringing his girlfriend home.

Oreo ad campaigns are usually upbeat and fun. But for their latest advertising campaign they have chosen a more tender tone for those parents whose children are members of the LGTBIQ + community.

And the brand is a firm defender of the community and very active with the Pride movement. And to prove it once again they have released “Proud Parent”, a tender story between a father and his daughter when he brings his girlfriend home.

The Oreo commercial shows us Jen and Amy’s journey to meet Jen’s parents for the first time. Upon reception, the mother is warm and welcoming, while her father is uncomfortable and insecure. As the days go by, the father meditates on what would be the best attitude towards his daughter.

At the end of the piece, Jen’s father finds a way to show his love and pride for his daughter with a poignant gesture: by painting a rainbow on the fence of his house. Under the motto “A loving world starts with a loving home”, Oreo wants to focus on the impact of parents on their children.

According to Justin Parnell, Senior Director of Oreo Brand: “For many years, we have been a proud supporter of the LGBTQ community and the Pride movement in general. We are committed to fostering inclusion and championing the idea that we can help make the world a more receptive, affirming and compassionate place, a world in which all families have a sense of belonging. “

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