Campaña de publicidad de Pantene | Wanitabesi

#Wanitabesi, a powerful Pantene’s advertising campaign

The advertising campaign of Pantene talks about women who achieve what they propose despite the difficulties.

We loved the latest Pantene’s advertising campaign. One of the ads of the year, without a doubt. In it they tell us about the difficulties that all women have to achieve what they propose.

It’s been a long time since Pantene delighted us with an ad with these characteristics. And at that time, Dove’s ads were able to capture very well the essence of “real” women and the problems of society to delight us with brilliant advertising campaigns.

Campaña de publicidad de Pantene | Wanitabesi

The campaign is part of the series “Strong is Beautiful” with which Pantene embraces the fight against stereotypes, conventions and sexism. With #Wanitabesi the brand defends the inner strength of women. “Wanita Besi” (Woman of iron) is an expression that is used to refer contemptuously to “unfeminine” women.

Created by Pantene Malaysia, Gray Malaysia and Think Tank Directors; the ad has 3 brand ambassadors very well known in the country. Singer and songwriter Yuna, health influencer Linora Low, and sportswoman Adeline Chin.

With this ad, they want to create a new meaning for the phrase #Wanitabesi. According to Yuna: “Every year thousands of girls leave their passions under the weight of peer pressure. Phrases like ‘Wanita Besi’ are used negatively in schools, which forces us to doubt ourselves and give up our dreams. “

The soundtrack is a version of the children’s song “Bangun Pagi” that has been rewritten to transform it into an anthem of the female force.

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