Alquila un finlandés | Rent a Finn

“Rent a Finn” and learn to be happy

Finland’s tourism campaign encourages us to “Rent a Finn” to learn to be happy.

The season has come in which to advertise tourist destinations. The brands and tourist departments throw all the meat in the spit to make known their destinations. We recently talked about the bucolic Vueling commercial, and we have seen large advertising campaigns to promote Sweden and many other destinations. Now it’s Finland’s turn.

According to the UN, Finland is the happiest country in the world. If this statement is not enough to catch a plane tomorrow to the Finnish country, they have made a fun promotion campaign.

Studies have shown that the special connection between people and nature has a positive impact on our minds to relieve stress. Many people seek an escape route in their vacations to find silence and serenity. The Nordic country has those things in abundance. But, how can you export this happy and relaxed lifestyle? Very simple: renting a Finnish.

“Rent a Finn” is the original campaign to promote Finland. If you want to be as happy as they are, you can rent one and learn how. You just have to choose one on the website, which will fly to your home to spend a few days with you. During this time he will teach you to be as happy as a Finn. And, if you want more, you can always visit the Nordic country this holiday.

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