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Ridley Scott returns to advertising with a commercial for Hennessy

Ridley Scott returns to advertising after 15 years to shoot a commercial for Hennessy cognac brand.

No need to talk about Ridley Scott. Everyone knows his films, but few young people know that the acclaimed filmmaker began his career conducting advertising campaigns. Surely you will remember one of his most praised works: The “1984” commercial for Apple.

Now, after 15 years he has returned to carry out the Hennessy cognac brand advertising campaign. Entitled “The Seven Worlds”, the ad explores the seven tasting notes found in the Hennessy X.O.

Hennessy’s ad is a sensory experience that recreates the seven profiles of the product with an immersive and sensory narrative. An interpretation of the seven characteristics described by the Hennessy Dégustation Committee. The artistic genius of Ridley conveys the essence of the product to perfection.

According to Alexander Kalchev, creative director of DDB Paris: “We wanted to create a totally different short, but even in our wildest dreams, we did not imagine that we would travel to so many incredible new worlds, along with Hennessy and Ridley Scott, we hope to have achieved a new benchmark in advertising.”

Short Version of Hennessy Commercial

Making of Hennessy Commercial

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