The Sainsbury’s Christmas ad: “The Big Night”

The Sainsbury’s Christmas ad is back to present us one of the great Christmas nights: The Big Night at School.

If we gave the starting signal to this year’s Christmas ads with the Ikea Christmas ad, we have one of the biggest advertisers of the year here: Sainsbury’s.

Sainsbury’s is the second supermarket chain in the United Kingdom and every year its Christmas ad is one of the most anticipated. And has the best (for us)  Christmas ad of 2017: “Every bit of Christmas”. An ad that supposed a zenith after being years making great ads for Christmas. We all remember that fantastic ad from the First World War, the stories of the unfortunate cat Mog or invent a catchy song with “The Greatest Gift” and James Corden.

Now the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad comes back and presents one of the great nights of Christmas: the school play. In a simple but effective staging, the story focuses on the star of the play, a girl who plays a version of “You Get What You Give” by New Radicals.

Anuncio de Navidad de Sainsbury's - Big Night

The work is acquiring a crescendo while other students are appearing disguised as Christmas decorations … and even some plug. The final motto, play with the title of the song and give it a spin: from “You Get What You Give” to “We give all we’ve got”.

A nice Christmas ad from Sainsbury’s but we believe that it is below the announcements of past Christmas, what do you think?

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