Sainsbury’s Christmas commercial: “Nicholas the Sweep”

Anuncio de Navidad de Sainsbury's

Sainsbury’s commercial explains the origin of Santa Claus with “Nicholas the Sweep”

Gradually the big brands are releasing their Christmas campaigns. Now it is the turn of Sainsbury’s. The second supermarket chain in the United Kingdom, always in hard conflict with John Lewis, launches its Christmas campaign. After achieving (for us) the best Christmas ad of 2017: “Every bit of Christmas”, below its level last year with “Big Night”.

Now they remake their imaginary to launch a more similar announcement in tone and form to that fantastic history of the First World War, in which they recreated the famous truce between British and German in the trenches.

The Sainsbury’s Christmas commercial wants to celebrate its 150 years of life by recreating the humble beginnings in a grocery store in 1869. In turn, “Nicholas the Sweep” wants to be a story of the origin of Santa Claus and how he became such.

In a London that might well have come out of Dickens’ novels, they tell us the story of Nicholas; an orphan unjustly accused of stealing a fruit from the shop of Mary Ann and John James Sainsbury. This is banished to the north and later rescued by Mary Ann herself, witness of everything that really happened. By offering him a bag full of mandarins, he tells him that he has no money to pay for them. Mary’s response will open little Nicholas’s eyes: “If you can’t do something special for someone at Christmas, when can you?”

This motivates the child to return to do something for his orphaned companions by placing a tangerine in each of the socks hung in the fireplace to dry. Then he decides to return to the north wearing a jacket and a red hat walking between reindeer.

Sainsbury’s Christmas commercial has been created by the agency Wieden & Kennedy London and directed by Ninian Doff.

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