Publicidad Exterior de Samsung Galaxy S8

The original Samsung’s Outdoor Advertising to announce the new Galaxy S8

Samsung’s outdoor advertising is a 7 meters recreation of the new Galaxy S8 placed in the most iconic places in the UK.

Samsung has launched a new version of one of the world’s best selling smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and has done this original outdoor advertising in the United Kingdom.

One of the characteristics of the new terminals is its screen size and this is what Samsung wants to announce to the consumers. The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 5,8 inches screen and the big brother, the Galaxy S8+ goes into the 6,2 inches.

Publicidad Exterior de Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung’s outdoor advertising campaign has consisted in placing a 7 meteres recreation of the Galaxy S8 in the UK’s most recognized landmarks, such as Stonehenge, London or some coastal areas like Cornwall or Bournemouth.

So the most visited areas can be seen through the Samsung terminal achieving a “maximum quality” effect of the images that are seen through the big smartphones.
Samsung's Outdoor Advertising

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