A funny Smart’s advertising campaign

The Smart advertising campaign puts us in three situations that you can avoid if you use a Smart ForTwo.

We’ve loved this Smart’s advertising campaign. It is not the first time that the German brand does surprises us with funny advertising campaigns. 

Now they have returned with a funny and ingenious advertising campaign. With the motto: “Life doesn’t wait until you’ve found a parking space”. One of the features of the Smart Fortwo is its 2.69m. of length that will allow to find parking easily.

And to represent it have made a minimalist piece with gray background and a large headline that tells us a negative daily situation. Behind her appears a smart trying to park and pretend to be an end point. When parking, eliminate the problematic part of the sentence by changing the negative to positive meaning.

We leave you with the subtraction of parts of the Smart advertising campaign:“Life doesn’t wait until you’ve found a parking space”.

Smart: Office Party

Smart: Stove

Smart: Salsa Class

Smart Graphic Campaign

Campaña de Publicidad de Smart: Salsa Class Campaña de Publicidad de Smart: Office Party Smart's advertising campaign

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