Anuncio de Smart - Vehículo Eléctrico

Smart’s funny advert to announce his electric car

Smart’s funny advert makes it clear that his electric cars do not emit polluting gases.

We like Smart’s advertising campaigns. The subsidiary of Mercedes usually makes some original, fun and different ads. The brand has positioned itself as the definitive car to move around the city: small, versatile and modern. Now to present us the new electric model have made this funny advert where they make it clear that their vehicles do not emit any type of polluting gas.

Anuncio de Smart - Vehículo Eléctrico

The advert shows a series of everyday images using an emission cam. This type of resource shows us the polluting gas that come from humans and how are part of our normal days. Except their new clear electric car, to show us that their vehicles are the cleanest on the market, by not emitting any type of gas.

A funny advert from Smart very similar of his latest advertising campaigns.

Via | Reason Why

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