Sony Walkman celebra 40 años

The Sony Walkman celebrates 40 years reviewing its history

Sony Walkman celebra 40 años

The Sony Walkman celebrates 40 years of innovation.

Before Apple and Samsung, the technology was dominated by other companies. An era where hardware predominated over software, and companies fought to bring to the market the most innovative product possible. Thus, their competence made them evolve in order to reach the technological products we have now, where software dominates before hardware. Along the way have been overshadowed brands such as Panasonic, Sanyo, Phillips and Sony in favor of new players such as Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi.

One of these iconic and revolutionary products was the Sony Walkman. Its impact is only comparable to that of the iPhone in the smartphone sector. Now, the Walkman turns 40 with a nostalgic video of the popular Japanese gadget.

Anuncio Original del Sony Walkman

And it’s already been 40 years since the company led by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita created an iconic product: The Walkman. They were other times, and Sony a company for which Steve Jobs felt admiration and took as role models. Its minimalist aesthetics, sober design and corporate responsibility are elements that we can recognize in the current Apple.

Born in 1979 under the slogan “A new way to enjoy music in high quality anywhere at any time”; Sony’s Walkman marked several generations who could go out on the street listening to their favorite music freely. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Sony has delighted us with a video that reviews all the models released to date. From the original to the Discman and other more digital versions.

Sony celebrates the event with an exhibition in Tokyo that, under the name “WALKMAN IN THE PARK 40 years since the day walked music” exposes 230 versions of the Walkman.

40 years of Sony Walkman

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