Superhero Parents, a Delta’s viral campaign

Superhero Parents is Delta’s viral campaign to make children believe that their parents are superheroes.

We like this viral campaign from Delta called “Superhero Parents”. They have taken for granted the fact that children believe that their parents are superheroes and have made them believe that it is so.

Delta is a brand of Israeli clothing for children very popular in the Hebrew country. And for their latest advertising campaign they have decided to conduct a viral campaign using the hidden camera. A technique that has given such good results in other viral campaigns such as Spider-man.

For this they invited some children to a PhotoShooting session of the brand for their new collection “Superhero Collection”. What they did not know is that surprises would occur during breaks.

The team prepared some actions so that the parents could demonstrate their powers. Move a cup, throw chairs and the final colophon: save the life of an operator who was going to fall down the stairs.

All this before the astonished look of the children. With faces of stupor and illusion, they were seeing everything that their superheroes did to be able to be even more proud of them.

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