Nike’s commercial: “You Can’t Stop Us” is one of the adverts of the year.

You Can't Stop Us | Nike

Nike surprises us again with a split-screen ad titled “You Can’t Stop Us”.

Sometimes advertising surprises you again, makes you believe again and makes you fall in love again. There are advertising campaigns that mark a before and after and inspire those who see them. That is the art of advertising, convince yourself in 30, 60 or 90 seconds and change a bit of yourself. For great inspirational advertising campaigns we have many examples: “Think Different” by Apple, “For the human race” by Coca-Cola or “Thank You Mom” by P&G. But if there is any brand that takes advertising campaigns to another level, that is Nike.

At the advertising agency we are fans of the work done by the Wieden + Kennedy agency, in charge of Nike’s campaigns. A brand that has had advertising as a substantial axis of its expansion in the world. We all remember that fantastic “Good vs Evil” with Eric Cantona or the famous “Airport” with the Brazilian team.

More recently, it has continued to surprise us with campaigns such as “Air”, which was chosen as the best ad of 2018 by our agency, or “Dream Further”, in which the plea in favor of women’s football became stronger than ever. Today, Nike has surpassed itself again with a spectacular announcement of the best campaign of the year.

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“America the Beautiful” is Dove’s allegation against racism

America the Beautiful | Dove

Dove’s announcement is an allegation against racism in the United States

George Floyd’s death continues to resonate strongly in society. The brands have raised their voices and show their full support to those who are suffering racism anywhere on the planet. Brands like Nike, P&G o McDonald’s have already shown their vision of the subject and now Dove is joined by a beautiful advertisement.

Beauty brands are the ones that are making themselves heard the most. And it is understandable, their business is based on the care of the skin of all beings on the planet regardless of the color of their skin, so they are fed up with a subject that has been out of date for too long. Society is changing, brands change with it.

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Coca-Cola’s post-pandemic commercial: “The Great Meal”

Anuncio de Coca-Cola | The Great Meal

“The Great Meal” is Coca-Cola’s post-pandemic commercial that encourages us to celebrate the everyday things in life.

Coca-Cola’s advertising campaigns have always tended to be optimistic, to lift our spirits, to celebrate life. It could not be less during the pandemic, making one of the best announcements of the year with “For the human race” a song of hope just as they did in the fateful crisis that began in 2008.

Although some countries are doubling the famous curve, in others such as Brazil, the United States or India the situation is still out of control. That is why, while some countries dedicate their communication to the recovery of daily life, others are still on alert.

For everyone, Coca-Cola has launched its latest advertising campaign to encourage us to celebrate the little things that life gives us.

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Bruce Willis as Doraemon Commercial

Bruce Willis como Doraemon

Bruce Willis as Doraemon in this hilarious SoftBank ad.

The Japanese country is, without a doubt, one of the most fascinating countries on the planet. And when it comes to advertising, even more. Trying to decipher the tastes, trends and preferences of the Japanese public is an impossible mission if you have not imbibed Japanese culture for years. That is why every time they mix their reality with the western reality, it shocks us in a brutal way.

This is the case of the commercial starring Bruce Willis that is being a trend on the internet. And is that the popular American actor has gone viral thanks to playing one of the most popular characters in Japan in recent years: Doraemon.

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“Ikea Home Lessons”, another great Ikea ad using snippets already used

Ikea Home Lessons

“Ikea Home Lessons” is another great Ikea advertising campaign with images from other spots made.

The marketing and advertising strategy that Ikea has followed is peculiar. Each country has its advertising agency that carries out the campaigns according to the reality of the region. The plant gives you complete freedom to do as you please, following a few style guidelines. This causes each country to launch the advertising campaigns it deems appropriate and as a result there is always an advertisement for the brand present in the media.

An advantage of using this system is that the brand has huge material recorded in different countries. Communication between creative departments in each country has made it possible to create “Ikea Home Lessons” using recorded material from each advertising campaign.

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TOP5: Sega Best Commercials

Sega Best Commercials

We take a look at the top five Sega Best Commercials when the brand celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Sega is one of the most beloved brands by the millennial generation. Many of us have grown up with a Sega product at home or, if we had any from Nintendo, we knew of its existence due to the bitter rivalry they experienced in the 90s. A rivalry very well explained and detailed in the book “Console Wars” by Blake J. Harris.

Well, the Japanese brand has turned 60 years old. Originally founded on June 3, 1960 under the name of Nihon Goraku Bussan Co. Ltd. and was engaged in manufacturing jukeboxa and slot machines. After several purchases, mergers, and name changes in 1965, it was renamed SEGA Enterprises and was importing arcade games into Japan. Disenchanted with the American arcades, they decided to make their own games and arcade games by merging with Service Games. After releasing several games, they created two home systems to compete against the Nintendo Famicom until 1986 when they released their Mark III model and called it “Master System”. Two years later he launched Mega Drive, thus beginning a battle to dominate the living rooms of our houses.

Now, 60 years later we are going to go back to the past and review the best Sega Commercials.

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“The Choice” is P&G’s commercial to fight racism

The Choice | Anuncio de P&G

P&G targets “silent majority” to eradicate racism with “The Choice”

If there is any brand that cares about skincare regardless of color, that is Procter & Gamble. And after the revolutions that are happening in the United States due to the death of George Floyd, brands are joining the cause. We have seen the minimalist ads by Nike and McDonald’s against the systemic racism experienced by those residents of color in the American country.

These campaigns have been a shock after three months confined by Covid19. Advertising agencies have been able to focus their messages on new causes and somewhat abandon the crisis caused by the pandemic.

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Bradesco Saúde’s “Decades” commercial surprises with its emotionality

Anuncio "Decades" de Bradesco Saude

Bradesco Saúde’s “Decades” commercial ranks as one of the year’s ads for its simplicity and emotion.

The lockdown is coming to an end and the brands change their cause like someone who changes their jackets. The commercials on the #BlackLivesMatter have been postponing the commercials on the Covid19 and thus we are getting closer to normality. But we still get small jewels related to the Coronavirus.

This is the case of the “Decades” ad by Bradesco Saúde. The Brazilian insurer brings us one of the ads of the year thanks to an original idea and a simple staging that gives us goosebumps.

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Nike’s motivating commercial encourages us to come back like champions

Anuncio de Nike | Never Too Far Down

“Never too far down” is Nike’s motivating commercial that encourages us to come back like champions.

As confinement from the pandemic is becoming more and more widespread, brands have been polishing their advertising campaigns. In the beginning, the Covid19 commercials had a very marked pattern and they all looked the same. As time has progressed, creatives have been able to evolve the messages they wanted to deliver.

So we have not come across authentic advertising gems such as the Bankinter ad, Coca-Cola’s ode to hope or the inspiring Nivea ad. Advertising campaigns according to the style and voice of each brand. These are joined today by Nike’s inspiring “Never too far down” advert, which encourages us to come back after these moments of personal and planetary crisis.

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The history of Kit Kat slogan “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”

Story of Kit Kat slogan

Kit Kat slogan has been with us for over 80 years. Know the story of one of the most famous slogans in advertising history.

In the world of advertising and marketing, there are brands that have been faithful to its principles since its fondation. We are talking about centuries-old brands that are iconic. We always think of the same companies: Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple, Absolute or Audi, the “Hall of fame” of advertising. But there is a slogan that has always been with us, and that is older than the any other in the world. We talk about Kit Kat slogan: “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat”. A slogan for a chocolates brand founded in 1957 in York (United Kingdom).

After learning the story behind the Nike slogan and the history of the Adidas logo, today we will review the story of Kit Kat’s slogan.

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Coca-Cola’s “For the Human Race” advert is a call to hope

For the human race | Coca-Cola

“For the human race” is the Coca-Cola ad full of positivity and appreciation for Covid19

With the arrival of Covid19, many brands had to reinvent their advertising campaigns. Coca-Cola instead decided to pause all its advertising to focus on “do, not say” and help fight the coronavirus. After a few weeks of silence, the brand surprised everyone with the launch of two campaigns full of optimism.

The first is a reinterpretation of his classic “For everyone”, changing the message for one related to the pandemic. And now it has launched the second, inspired by one of its most emblematic campaigns: “For reasons to believe”, which was launched due to the 2008 crisis. A campaign that is on par with the Bankinter commercial and that they are fighting to be the best Covid-related advertising campaign19.

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Dove’s commercial for the Covid19 healthcare professionals: “Courage”

Anuncio de Dove | Courage

“Courage” is Dove’s commercial for Covid19 that focuses on healthcare professionals

The pandemic forces companies to react to help fight Covid19. From reorienting production to make disinfectants, masks, or respirators, to making large donations to organizations that are on the street.

This is the case of Dove, which has launched an advertising campaign for Covid19 and is also donating facial care products to Canadian health professionals. It is also making financial contributions to organizations like Direct Relief.

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“Play for the world”, Nike advert encourages us to play sports during quarantine

Anuncio de Nike | Play For The World

Nike’s advert for the Covid19 is titled “Play for the World” and encourages us to play sports during quarantine.

The advertising campaigns for Covid19 are launching as the pandemic reaches all countries. The state of alarm and confinement has taken its toll on those professional and amateur athletes. Going from being active on a daily basis to not doing it for a month can be exasperating for them.

That is why the imagination has taken over people and they have set up mini gyms at home to be able to exercise often. It helps that the gyms have held virtual classes to continue serving despite being closed.

Nike’s advert winks at all those confined athletes. “Play for the World” encourages us to play at home so we can spend time in a healthy way.

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Apple’s Covid19 Commercial: “Creativity Goes On”

Apple | Creativity Goes On

Apple’s Covid19 Commercial encourages us to continue being creative at home.

The Covid19 advances irretrievably and its arrival in the United States has forced companies to make a move in terms of marketing. The confinement and the #StayHome movement that has occurred in both Italy and Spain has crossed the pond.

Brands are launching advertising campaigns on Covid19 and Apple has launched theirs with a message focused on creativity.

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The emotional Ikea’s commercial after 80 years: “Next Generation”

Anuncio de Ikea | Next Generation

Ikea’s commercial shows us the importance of the brand in the lives of many people.

Ingvar Kamprad never have thought that her small furniture manufacturing company would become the big multinational it is now. A company that has reformulated the furniture manufacturing and marketing model to stand out from the competition.

A company that has managed to expand gradually giving great importance to segmented advertising by countries. We have talked long and hard about how the head office in Sweden grants absolute freedom to the creative departments of the different territories. Thus we have been able to enjoy great Ikea advertising campaigns, summarized in our report of the best Ikea ads that we made in our blog.
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