“Toni” is the commercial of Toyota starring a female footballer

The commercial of Toyota is played by Antoinette “Toni” Harris, a football player.

2018 was a year where the ads claiming the change in society were protagonists. Many marked by the inevitable female irruption in all areas of society. This line is that Toyota followed to present its commercial that will be broadcasted during the SuperBowl.

The protagonist is Antoinette “Toni” Harris, a football player whose desire is to play the SuperBowl some day. Toni has been breaking barriers in his progression to the elite. Currently, she plays as a position player at East Los Angeles College, when all college students normally play kickers.

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The fun MoneySuperMarket ad parodying Thelma and Louise

MoneySuperMarket returns with a parody of Thelma and Louise made with toy dolls.

In the telling advertising agency we love the ads of MoneySuperMarket. Few creatives dare to catch He-man and Skeletor and put them to dance Fame or Dirty Dancing. Advertising campaigns that turn viral instantly and play the emotional bond in a peculiar and different way than other brands.

The last MoneySuperMarket ad is starring Shindy, the English version of the popular Barbie for a break in the purest style “Thelma and Louise” but made with toy dolls.

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All the Grand Prix of Cannes Lions 2018

Cannes Lions 2017

The Grand Prizes delivered at Cannes Lions, the best advertising festival.

The Festival of Advertising and Creativity at Cannes has ended, better known as the Oscars of Advertising. It brings together all the world’s creative talent to choose the best ads of the year. Get one of the lions the most precious asset of all the creative agencies in the world. We have prepared the list of all the Grand Prix of the Festival Cannes Lions of 2018.

A total of 30 great prizes were distributed during the festival. Between them they emphasize two campaigns, “Palau Pledge” that has been raised with 3 great prizes and “Trash Isles” that has taken two.

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“Shortcut Billboards” an original Mini’s outdoor ad campaign in Berlin

“Shortcut Billboards” is an original Mini’s outdoor ad campaign in Berlin that gives you a shortcut on the way.

We’ve loved the outdoor advertising campaign that Mini has made in Berlin, Germany. An initiative to demonstrate the benefits of Mini Connected, the new onboard system of German’s brand cars.

Mini Connected is a system incorporated into vehicles that provides drivers with real-time traffic information. This allows you to recalculate the route to get to the destination faster, thus avoiding the most congested roads. And, to publicize this new feature, Mini has made an outdoor advertising campaign that helps you get to your destination faster even if you’re walking.

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“Magic”, a romantic story in the last Cornetto ad

Cornetto ad: Magic

The last Cornetto ad invites us not to complicate our lives if we want to meet someone special.

The Cornetto ad entitled “Magic” presents a romantic love story in an high school. And invites us not to complicate our lives if we want to meet that person we like.

How many times have we tried to impress the girl/boy that we like? How many random encounters have we caused and how many empty phrases have we exchanged with that person we liked in high school?

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“Final Breathe”, the Audi commercial to present the Audi RS 5 Coupe

The Audi commercial titled “Final Breathe” presents the new Audi RS 5 Coupe

Advertising does not stop and companies can not wait after a successful campaign. This is the case of Audi, which presents us with a new advertising campaign to show us its brand-new Audi RS 5 Coupe.

With the celebrated, spectacular and successful advertising campaign with the skier Candide Thovex they reached a sublime level. Now, Audi follow again the path of strong emotions to present us the new vehicle of the German brand.

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Smart’s funny advert to announce his electric car

Smart’s funny advert makes it clear that his electric cars do not emit polluting gases.

We like Smart’s advertising campaigns. The subsidiary of Mercedes usually makes some original, fun and different ads. The brand has positioned itself as the definitive car to move around the city: small, versatile and modern. Now to present us the new electric model have made this funny advert where they make it clear that their vehicles do not emit any type of polluting gas.

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The sublime Nike motivational commercial is an ode to the air

The sublime Nike motivational commercial is an ode to the air, in honor of its shoes.

We love it when Nike launches a new advertising campaign. The brand is certainly raising its level of creativity in its latest commercials. Maybe we should review our report on the best Nike commercials to put this later.

The last Nike motivational commercial titled “Air”, is a brilliant exercise of realization, edition and sound. With the philosophy “less is more” they delight us with a tribute to the athletes and those moments when they are about to start a major challenge.

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The last Absolut commercial strips its workers naked

Absolut’s commercial entitled “Nothing to hide” strips the workers of the Swedish Vodka.

Absolut’s latest campaign bares its workers to show they have nothing to hide. The Swedish brand is throwing all the meat in the spit with its global campaign entitled “Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight.”

Due to this campaign, a first piece was made with an impressive spot dedicated to ideas entitled “One night”. Now they continue with “Nothing to Hide”, a campaign where the employees of the brand literally get naked to explain the process of making the popular vodka.

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The Best Super Bowl Commercials

Best Super Bowl Commercial

A review of the best Super Bowl commercials in the match between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles in Minneapolis.

The SuperBowl the most watched sporting event in the United States. A perfect dresser for brands: they have visibility, they have notoriety and they have an echo on the internet. With an audience of 100 million people, a 30-second insert costs at least $ 5 million.

Of the 3 and a half hours that the event lasts, 50 minutes are advertising. And like every year, we bring you a compilation of #SuperBowlCommercials. The best Super Bowl Commercials of 2018.

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The spectacular animation of the BBC for the Olympic Games

The spectacular animation of the BBC Sport for the Olympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang.

The Olympic Games arrive and the sponsoring brands begin to release their advertising campaigns. They do not usually have the same reputation as the Olympic Games but the world of winter sports moves audiences that interest big brands. P&G has already made another of its spectacular campaigns with “Thank You, Mom” and brands are starting to release their advertising campaigns.

One of them is BBC Sport; they have created a spectacular animation to publicize the broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

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Audi’s spectacular advert to present the new Audi Quattro

Audi’s spectacular advert presents Candide Thovex skiing on all types of surfaces.

We like Audi advertising campaigns. They have always taken care of their advertising campaigns to make them different, attractive and impressive. Today we bring you a new sample, with a spectacular advert starring the French skier Candide Thovex.

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The motivational Gatorade ad with Serena Williams

Serena Williams stars in the latest Gatorade ad after having her son.

The last Gatorade ad is starring Serena Williams after having her son. And is that the American tennis player surprised everyone with the announcement of his retirement from the world of tennis. The reason was none other than her pregnancy.

This action, unusual in the world of female elite sport, was applauded by all. Serena is the best paid sportswoman in the world and had decided to leave the courts to be a mother.

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Bose’s advertising campaign tells us about the power of music

Bose’s advertising campaign talks about the power of music to present its new headphones.

We liked the latest Bose’s advertising campaign. The american brand of electronics presents its new range of headphones Quiet Comfort 35 II to start the Christmas sales campaign.

The advertising campaign of Bose is a series of four spots based on the emotional power of music. In the feelings that music gives us and the bond that has been with us throughout our lives.

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‘Epic Skeletor’ come back to dance Dirty Dancing in Moneysupermarket ad

The new Moneysupermarket ad brings us ‘Epic Skeletor’ dancing ‘Dirty Dancing’ with He-man.

Seldom have we seen such an epic, brilliant and spectacular spot as the Moneysupermarket spot featuring Skeletor, the popular He-man villain. We think the creators don’t expect the success of the advertising campaign. And they have not hesitated to perform a second part following the tonic of the first one, this time with the theme Dirty Dancing as a central song.

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