Spend a night in the Louvre Museum with Airbnb

The Louvre and Airbnb launched a contest where the winner can spend a night in the museum.

The Louvre Museum celebrates the 30th anniversary of the construction of its iconic glass pyramid. To celebrate, he has made an original contest in collaboration with Airbnb. The winner can spend a night in the famous museum.

It has been 30 years since architect Ieoh Ming Pei designed the Louvre’s glass pyramid. A work that has become an icon for France, standing at the height of the Eiffel Tower or the cathedral of Notre Dame.

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Discover the fonts of the most famous brands with Logofonts

Tipografías de los logotipos más famosos

Logofonts is a project that lets us know what are the typographies of the brands in their logos.

The large multinationals devote many resources to caring for their brand image. Times evolve and logos must be adapted to new technologies.

But company’s brand image is so present and remembered that it makes us forget how it is built. Know how their elements have been made, and what is their typography. Now this project allows us to know what are the fonts of the most famous brands.

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An original advertising campaign to promote Sweden: ‘Sweden on Airbnb’

‘Sweden on Airbnb’ its an original advertising campaign that put the whole country on Airbnb.

We like the advertising campaigns carried out by the Swedish tourism department. We all remember that fantastic publicity campaign titled ‘The Swedish Number’ in which the citizens of the Nordic country became hosts to explain the benefits of their country by telephone.

Now, to continue promoting themselves abroad, they have carried out a joint campaign with Airbnb destined for the United States. The popular platform is the best way to live as a Swedish citizen in the real world.

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