Five best advertising campaigns of Pepsi

Mejores anuncios de Pepsi

We reviewed Pepsi’s five best advertising advertisements throughout its history.

The history of Pepsi begins in 1893 in New Ber, North Carolina. Caleb Bradham, a pharmaceutical chemist, devised this drink to help digestion and act  as a stimulant. Known at the beginning as the “Brad Drink”, it was a mixture of carbonated water, sugar, pepsin, nut extract, vanilla and “strange oils”. In 1898 Brad would rename his star drink combining the words of Pepsina and Cola. The Pepsi-Cola was born.

After some crisis and changes of ownership, during the Great Depression it became the second most famous soft drink in the world behind Coca-Cola. Thanks to aggressive promotions such as offering double the Pepsi-Cola for the same price (a 12-ounce bottle for only 5 cents) it got a very positive response from consumers.

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A brilliant Post-It ad: Bright Ideas Are Worth to Remember

Anuncios de Post-it

The latest Post-it graphic campaign reminds us that great ideas must be remembered.

We love the Post-it advertising campaigns. They are usually original and fun ideas, which both innovate in digital advertising and make a brilliant graphic campaign classic.

And it is already many years that the Post-it’s been among us. In our case they are an essential part of day to day when it comes to organizing tasks. And it seems that a simple idea that allows us to do many things. From ordering work, marking important elements, remembering mental ideas or simply helping us to remember certain things.

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Roger Federer’s racket makes music in Wilson’s ad

“Play Your Heart Out” it’s a musical theme composed thanks to the new racket of Roger Federer and DJ Money Mark in a Wilson’s ad.

Roger Federer, ladies and gentlemen. Seldom will we see so much style, talent and magic in an athlete that evokes past eras. At 36, the Swiss tennis player is still a reference for brands thanks to his 20 Grand Slam won. One of them is Wilson, the popular brand of tennis products has presented Roger Federer’s latest racket with an original staging.

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An inspiring advertising from University of Phoenix: We Can Do It

The advertising from University of Phoenix titled ‘We Can Do It’ it’s an inspiring story about a mother and her job.

Advertising campaigns of academic institutions such as universities or schools do not usually lavish much. And the ones that are made are usually boring and monotonous information campaigns.

That’s why surprised us the latest advertising from the University of Phoenix. To promote their full range of possibilities to study in it, have made this inspiring advertising.

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