The precious Apple commercial for Airpods: “Bounce”

Anuncio de Airpods de Apple

The Apple commercial for Airpods is a precious piece where we see the protagonist bouncing through the streets.

There are times when Apple surprises us with their ads. They are usually of an impeccable technical bill and with an enviable sense of style. But many times they sin of originals. It is as if they had put the autopilot and made more and more of the same. A general feeling and accentuated by the departure of Jony Ive, chief designer of the brand to found his own company.

But there are also times when the Cupertino brand surprises us. Gone are those innovative ads that surprised everyone and that we review in our list of the best ads from Apple. But still we have been delighted with great pieces like Welcome Home, directed by Spike Jonze.

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The funny Apple commercial in its commitment to privacy

The Apple commercial tells us about their commitment to privacy in their devices.

Apple is a company that has always taken privacy in its devices seriously. This has generated numerous problems with the authorities, such as the case of the San Bernardino shooting and how he denied the FBI to unblock the iphone from those responsible.

With each new iteration of its flagship products and new ways to unlock them, Apple adds a new layer of security to prevent someone else from unlocking your phone.

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Top 10 best Apple Commercials

TOP 10 Best Apple Commercials

In telling, advertising agency we reviewed the 10 best Apple Commercials. From ‘1984’ to ‘Welcome home’.

Apple commercials have always had something special. They are often inspiring, motivating, capable of transmitting feelings and occasionally “attacking” the competition in an ingenious way. There are many ads that Apple has made and sure that everyone will have their favorite. Of course, some Apple ads will coincide for everyone. Today we show you the ten of the best Apple commercials.

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Great Females Graphic Designers: Susan Kare

Great Female Graphic Designers: Susan Kare

We review the history of the Great Female Graphic Designers: Susan Kare.

In telling advertising agency we love to review the history of the great figures of advertising, graphic design and typography. Everything related to a world that we are passionate about. In fact, if we are here now it is thanks to those people who dared to do something different and think in an uncommon way to inspire us.

They are great artists who, unfortunately, will not stand out in any art gallery nor will people remember them. But his work has been present in the day to day of millions of people, in those details that are not seen and those things that are not given importance. Great male designers like Massimo Vignelli, Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Ivan Chermayeff & Tom Geismar, Walter Landor or Herb Lubalin. Great illustrators like Drew Struzan or Greg Martin. And great typographers like Adrian Frutiger.

We have reviewed the history of all of them but … what about women? In a time when male domination was palpable at all levels, great artists excelled in a world dominated by men. And after this dramatic introduction (XD) we give way to the review of the great female graphic designers of history: Today, Susan Kare, the designer of the icons and typography of the first Macintosh.

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