Audi’s ad celebrates that women can drive in Saudi Arabia

“It’s time to open new doors” is the Audi’s ad that celebrates that women can drive in Saudi Arabia.

June 24 was a historic day in Saudi Arabia. For the first time women could get their driver’s license. From now on, it will not be illegal for women to drive around the country. A prohibition that existed since the 50s and that everyone has received with joy. And of course, car brands are already very happy with this goal.

Yes, it may seem very ridiculous that it is ILLEGAL for a woman to drive. Any advance towards a more equal society is to be grateful. Although they are thousands of years away from European societies and especially the Nordic ones.

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A funny ad of Audi presenting his autonomous driving system

The invisible man star the funny ad of Audi to present his autonomous driving system: Audi Piloted Driving.

The new advertising campaign of the German brand presents us to the invisible man. The main character of J.B. Johnson is the protagonist of the last ad of Audi that has been created for the San Sebastian Film Festival.

Represented as a retired actor, the invisible man gives us a review of his career, remembering films and anecdotes. One of the things that most regrets is not having starred in a movie car. That’s when we present Audi’s new autonomous driving system: The Audi Piloted Driving.

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Best advertising campaigns in ‘El Sol 2017’

Best Advertising Campaigns

The best advertising campaigns in ‘El Sol 2017’

We entered the period of advertising festivals. And is that has been held in Bilbao the 32nd edition of the Festival El Sol dedicated to the advertising communication of Ibero-America. A festival that awards its prizes to the best advertising campaigns of the last year.

The Festival presented a total of 289 awards among the 15 official sections; spread over 85 agencies and 16 different countries. Colombia won the ‘Sol de platino’ for its action in telephone booths called “Payphonebank” and Spain took 182 statuettes.

Of all the most outstanding publicity campaigns carried out in Ibero-America, Proximity agency took the recognition to the festival agency and ‘Loterías y apuestas del estado’ that won the Advertiser of the Year award.

Sol de platino – Payphonebank

Brand Content: Audi

Tv and cinema: Quilmes

Integrated campaign: Loterías y apuestas

Digital: #paellaemoji

Smartphone: Samsung

Media: Unicef

Production: Microsoft

Newspapers and Magazines: Getty Images

Mejores campañas de publicidad El sol 2017 - Getty Images

Mejores campañas de publicidad El sol 2017 - Getty Images

Mejores campañas de publicidad El sol 2017 - Getty Images

Discover ‘Sandbox’, an experience with virtual reality from Audi

‘Sandbox’ is a marketing action with virtual reality from Audi that invites us to drive the new Audi Q5 in a sandbox.

Do you remember how fun it was to play in a sandbox when we were kids? With a few toy cars and lots of imagination we were able to spend hours in our mini world of dunes jumping, or performing chases.

Well, it is what the German multinational has thought to carry out its last tv commercial. Invite us to remember those evenings with our toy cars but now … driving them from inside. And we can do this in the action with virtual reality from Audi called ‘Enter Sandbox’. A real-time experience that combines a physical installation with a driving simulator that allows us to test the new Audi Q5 in a very original way.

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