The emotional Bianco commercial is a love story in an elevator

Bianco commercial is an emotional love story to encourage us to start a conversation.

In advertising, storytelling is a way of telling a story that connects us with the consumer and creates a link with it. And thanks to online platforms, brands can unleash their creativity without limitations.

This is the case of Bianco’s ad and his love story in the elevator. Bianco is a Danish fashion brand with a strong online presence around the world. And his last campaign encourages us to leave behind our insecurities. Titled “The Lift”, the ad is a story of a boy and a girl who match in the elevator, but neither of them dares to talk to the other. Thus, his thoughts guide us through a fictitious love story that takes place in the heads of the protagonists. A simple and effective love story that makes us be hooked to the screen until we know the final outcome.

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