The new McDonald’s packaging with minimalist illustrations

Nuevo Packaging de McDonald's

McDonald’s new packaging modernizes its line with emotionally cheerful minimalist illustrations.

If at the beginning of the year Burger King surprised everyone with a redesign of its brand and packaging, now it is the turn of its competition: McDonald’s. We are entering 2021 and brands want to make a point and apart after the pandemic. This entails a new corporate image so that the change is more evident at all levels. Business and consumer.

To make the change, the new McDonald’s packaging has been created by the branding agency Pearlfisher. They have carried out a facelift to the entire packaging system of the brand. The idea, “generate a feeling of joy and happiness for the brand” according to those responsible.

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How Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

We analyze the famous story of how Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo

The Chupa Chups brand is undoubtedly one of the most recognized in the world. The Spanish company founded in 1950 by Enric Bernat is present on five continents. It is estimated that its daily production is 12 million units that reach 108 countries. A success sometimes little recognized for the internationalization of the brand but undoubtedly deserved.

Chupa Chups is also one of the few brands that has not changed the logo to adapt to the new times. Like Coca-Cola, Nike, Apple or Lego, its brand image has undergone little variation to remain imperishable. The reason? Salvador Dalí created the Chupa Chups logo, thus giving it a pedigree that few brands can boast of.

Is therefore the Chupa Chups brand image one of the most recognized in the world? It’s possible. But… how did Salvador Dalí come to create the Chupa Chups logo? Let’s get to know the story.

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The Dove commercial aims to change the image of women in advertising

#ShowUs is the latest Dove campaign that aims to change the image of women in advertising.

Dove has known how to find his own path in the field of advertising. It was around 2013 that he started with a simple and powerful campaign with “Real Women”. This campaign took deep and turned the real beauty into a powerful insight that revolutionized the “Beauty Branding”.

The Dove advertising campaigns that followed knew how to find their own storytelling to identify with their target audience. “Real Beauty Sketches”, “Legacy” o “Love your Curls” are some of the projects that the Unilever brand has made in this line.

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VW Beer, a Volkswagen beer special for drivers

VW Beer is the special Volkswagen beer to avoid drinking alcohol while driving.

There are many car brands that carry out awareness campaigns on the use of alcohol while driving. The surprising thing is that a brand creates a special beer … for drivers. This is VW Beer, the special Volkswagen beer to avoid drinking alcohol at the wheel.

And is that for the first time in history, a car company makes a beer. An especial 0.0% alcohol content so you can have a drink and so be able to take the car quietly and take your friends.

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Discover the fonts of the most famous brands with Logofonts

Tipografías de los logotipos más famosos

Logofonts is a project that lets us know what are the typographies of the brands in their logos.

The large multinationals devote many resources to caring for their brand image. Times evolve and logos must be adapted to new technologies.

But company’s brand image is so present and remembered that it makes us forget how it is built. Know how their elements have been made, and what is their typography. Now this project allows us to know what are the fonts of the most famous brands.

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Great Females Graphic Designers: Paula Scher

Paula Scher

We review the history of the Great Female Graphic Designers: Paula Scher.

With Susan Kare we started a series of blog entries at telling advertising agency to talk about the great graphic designers of history. We saw that thanks to talent and work it was possible to find a place in an era where men were the big names in the world of Graphic Design and Advertising.

Today we are going to review the life and work of Paula Scher. The great graphic designer of the 90s in the United States and one of the most relevant figures of graphic design of the last four decades.

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Guide to choosing an effective brand name

Choosign an effective brand name

These are the steps to follow to choose an effective brand name for our company or product.

Choosing a brand name is one of those fundamental moments when we are starting a project. Either a name for a product, company or service. We are all familiar with the term “Branding” that defines the process in which the brand of a company is built. But first it is necessary to work on the choice of our brand name. This process is called “Naming”.

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‘Iconic Moments’ it’s a Pepsi’s minimal graphic campaign

‘Iconic Moments’ it’s a Pepsi’s minimal graphic campaign very clean and creative.

Often big budgets hide what is a priori a poor idea. It is not necessary to be creative, only show your product in the most spectacular way possible. And many times the creatives forget the power of a good idea. That’s why we love this Pepsi’s graphic campaign titled ‘Iconic Moments’.

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