The Ten Best Commercials of 2019

A list with the ten best ads of 2019 according to our criteria. The best advertising campaigns and spots that have been released this 2019.

The year ends and we give the folder the first decade of the 21st century. A year full of great advertising campaigns, how could it be otherwise. A year where brands have launched their most vindictive messages and have clearly positioned themselves claiming and championing the various causes worldwide.

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The time has come to take stock of the year. And it’s a good time to review the top ten best commercials of 2019. A totally subjective list and at our discretion, in which large advertising campaigns have been left out. Let’s start with the best commercials of 2019.

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“The Focus”: Heineken encourages us to stare at Pirlo

The Focus - Heineken

“The Focus” is Heineken’s latest campaign in which he encourages us to stare at Andrea Pirlo.

Heineken has been sponsoring the Champions League for over 20 years. And during all this time he has left us memorable advertising campaigns.
Examples such as the first viral campaign, hidden camera jokes or the participation of soccer players have accompanied us throughout this time.

Although every year it is more complicated to innovate, the Dutch brand manages to overcome and present new creative proposals. The last one is called “The Focus” in which it invites us to stare at Andrea Pirlo.

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The Heineken campaign creates a personalized beer for tourists

The latest Heineken campaign: “A ‘Dam Fresh Heineken” creates a personalized beer for tourists arriving in Amsterdam.

It’s curious the last campaign of Heineken to address the young tourists who travel to Amsterdam on holidays. The multinational has detected that many young people when they arrive at the city are choosing to take the first beer in a microbrewery where they make Craft beer.

In the end, Heineken started out as an artisan beer that became more and more over the years. And to remind tourists the status of ‘Original Beer of Amsterdam’ they have created personalized beers for travelers arriving in the city. They have titled the campaign as A ‘Dam Fresh Heineken.

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Viral ad campaign from Heineken for the Champions League: TimeZone

TimeZone is the last viral ad campaign from Heineken for the Champions League for workers who watch the match in the office.

The Heineken advertising campaigns associated with the Champions League every day surprise us more. And it is not easy as they have been carrying out viral marketing campaigns very originals.

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TOP5: Best Advertising Campaigns for the Champions League

The Best Advertising Campaigns for the Champions League

Football and advertising: The Best Advertising Campaigns for the Champions League.

Every time a great event happens, brands make the best of themselves to communicate their product. It is a good place for creative people to develop their ideas. Leisure, fun, sport, friends, family, emotion and passion are some of the elements that allow you to make a original and fun advertising campaign.

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