‘Feel Light’, a minimalist Pepsi graphic campaign

Campaña Gráfica de Pepsi - Feel Light

‘Feel Light’ is an original and minimalist graphic campaign of Pepsi

We are loving the Pepsi graphic campaign. They started with ‘Iconic Moments’ and now they continue with ‘Feel Light’ to promote the Pepsi Light.It is a minimalist graphic campaign with a huge creativity, the result of a creative work that, unfortunately, we see less every day. Now, the advertising campaigns are adaptable to digital media to get more engagement and we lost little jewels as this one.

Creativity that can transmit much more than a campaign on social networks; that allow us to transmit the message with a few elements in order to capture the attention of the consumer. It’s what Pepsi’s latest graphic campaign titled ‘Feel Light’ gets.

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The 20 best album covers in the Rock History

Best Album Covers of Rock History

Taschen has compiled a list of the 20 best album covers in the history of Rock

We like the lists. And more if they generate controversy such as those related to music. Few dare to make a top with the best records in history. The opinions of some and others differ so much that most of the time the discussion is reached.

But in Telling advertising agency there are things that we are equally passionate more than advertising. One of them is everything related to music, and the art behind the great records of history.

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Superheroes reimagined with Ikea’s Style

Superheroes Ikea

Illustrator Steve Downer has done a series of illustrations reimagining the origins of superheroes with Ikea style.

Graphic designer, illustrator and animator Steve Downer has done a series of illustrations reimagining the origins of superheroes like Wonder Woman, Spiderman or Batman but in the style of the Swedish brand.
‘Not Really Ikea’ are the illustrations that mix the superheroes origin like an instructions of the Swedish multinational. Downer, who was work for DC Comics, IDW Entertainment, Warner Bros y Archie Comics made this funny an original composition.

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