The funny Intermarché advert: “The taste of colors”

“The taste of colors” is the new funny Intermarché advert campaign.

Color is part of our lives and affects our state of mind. It has the ability to grant us a state of calm or to alter you in a negative way depending on the context.

We associate the colors in sight, but the truth is that these influence other aspects of our life. And is that we are able to make a prior idea of an object just by seeing its color.

Color also plays a decisive factor in the purchase process through neuromarketing. These are able to influence our decision to buy one product or another when presented in the supermarket shelf. And to demonstrate the importance of colors, Intermarché has made this funny advert campaign entitled “The taste of colors”.

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A funny Christmas ad of Intermarche: J’ai tant rêvé

A fun and emotional Christmas ad of Intermarché puts Santa on a diet.

It seems that this year the creatives are working hard to end the year. After seeing the Christmas ads of the traditional brands such as John Lewis, Lotteries, Sainsbury’s and Debenhams now we have new Christmas ad from the “minor” companies.

This is how we are discovering more Christmas ads that have nothing to envy to those previously nominated. Brands are adding creativity to their campaigns and are not limited to showing products or discounts. Now they make a great storytelling to offer us new funny, emotional and original stories.

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‘L’amour’, a TV Commercial from Intermarché to present its new advertising campaign

A funny TV Commercial from Intermarché tells the love story between a young man and a cashier at the French supermarket.

For the premiere of his new campaign, Intermarché made a TV Commercial of 3 minute in which tells the story of love between a young man and a cashier from the French supermarket.

The TV Commercial from Intermarché entitled ‘L’amour’ is the first work of the French multinational with its new agency Romance and have made the premiere in a big way, just before the release of the French version of “The Voice” in an advertising space where the average spot price of 30 seconds is around € 80,000.

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