Salla’s candidacy for the Olympic Games, the coldest town in Finland

Candidatura a los JJOO de Salla

Salla, the coldest town in Finland, presents its candidacy for the Olympics to raise awareness about climate change.

At the telling advertising agency we love this type of advertising campaign. To promote the product they use the tools provided by the internet to make their content viral, and for this, any crazy and well-executed idea is welcome.

This is the case of the advertising campaign to promote Salla, a town in Finland and incidentally raise awareness about climate change. Salla is a town of 3,500 inhabitants located in Lapland, Finland. It is one of the coldest towns in Finland, with temperatures that reach -17ºC in winter to 19ºC in summer. Well, they have just submitted a bid for the Olympics.

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The new McDonald’s packaging with minimalist illustrations

Nuevo Packaging de McDonald's

McDonald’s new packaging modernizes its line with emotionally cheerful minimalist illustrations.

If at the beginning of the year Burger King surprised everyone with a redesign of its brand and packaging, now it is the turn of its competition: McDonald’s. We are entering 2021 and brands want to make a point and apart after the pandemic. This entails a new corporate image so that the change is more evident at all levels. Business and consumer.

To make the change, the new McDonald’s packaging has been created by the branding agency Pearlfisher. They have carried out a facelift to the entire packaging system of the brand. The idea, “generate a feeling of joy and happiness for the brand” according to those responsible.

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Heinz labels made with people’s drawings: “Heinz Draw”

Etiquetas de Heinz Draw Ketchup

Heinz asked people to draw ketchup, and they have applied the result to their packaging with “Heinz Draw Ketchup”

When we talked about Coca-Cola’s “Alphabet” campaign, we made reference to the fact that the multinational’s bottle is one of the best known in the world. Well, if there is any other brand container that can shade it, that is definitely the Heinz bottle.

And that’s the starting point for Heinz’s new campaign, asking people to draw a bottle of ketchup. The social experiment resulted in everyone drawing the Heinz bottle and labels. A clear example of how influential is the packaging created by Heinz.

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Spotify and Barilla playlist to cook your pasta: “Playlist Timer”

Playlist de Spotify y Barilla

Spotify and Barilla playlists last between 9 and 11 minutes, the time it takes to make pasta al dente.

There are many brands that use Spotify in their marketing and advertising strategy. The most popular music streaming platform allows for very creative actions if used correctly. We have seen many examples, such as the alliance with McDonald’s or the innovative KFC campaign on Spotify.

Well, now it’s food brand Barilla, which has teamed up with Spotify to create a series of playlists that last as long as it takes you to make your pasta. An original action that serves as a timer and an ideal soundtrack while they are cooking that pasta to eat.

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Nike’s commercial “You can’t stop our voice” is an ode to the power of sport

You can't Stop Us | Witness The Power of Sport | Nike

Nike continues its line of “You can’t stop our voice” with “Witness The Power of Sport”, a manifesto in favor of sport power to change things.

There are not many brands that turn their communication around like Nike has done over the years. It has explored new creative lines to position itself as a brand that cares about society. There is no doubt that the impact of the “Dream Crazy” campaign starring Colin Kaepernick was a turning point for the brand.

Its maing agency, Wieden + Kennedy, was able to react and position the brand alongside those who want to change the world. As a result, new concepts emerged, with which to create new advertising campaigns. One is “You Can’t Stop Sport Us” which brought us memorable commercials during the lockdown. The other is “You Can’t Stop Sport Our Voice” which served to protest against racism, encourage young people to vote and this campaign, which highlights the power of sport to change things.

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Caterpillar’s giant Pac-Man with his excavator

Pac-Man gigante de Caterpillar

Caterpillar’s giant Pac-Man is a tribute to the 40th anniversary of the popular video game.

Pac-Man is celebrating its anniversary. The popular video game created by Toru Iwatani in Namco turns 40. A true global phenomenon since it was launched on the market, reaching the Guinness record as the most successful arcade of all time.

The tributes are happening and one of the ones we liked the most is the one created by Caterpillar and its excavating machines. A giant board created expressly to play with augmented reality.

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North Face campaign encourages us to restart our lives

Campaña North Face | Reset Normal

“Reset Normal” es la nueva campaña de The North Face que nos anima a “reiniciar” nuestras vidas

La irrupción de la pandemia, la posterior vuelta a la normalidad y la llegada de la nueva ola ha supuesto un traspiés para todos. Muchos sentimos que nuestras vidas están en pausa, que no podemos hacer muchos planes ni predicciones. Hemos ido superando distintas fases, la del confinamiento, la desescalada y la vuelta a una rutina que no volverá a ser la de antes.

Aunque muchas marcas nos animan a tirar para adelante, la verdad es que el día a día se siente extraño. Es por eso que North Face nos animar a “reiniciarnos” y explorar nuevos caminos, metafóricamente y literalmente hablando.

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Kit Kat gives her slogan a break for the brand’s 85th anniversary

Kit Kat da un descanso a su eslogan

Kit Kat takes a break from its slogan “Have a Break, have a Kit Kat” for the 85th anniversary of the brand.

Kit Kat’s slogan is one of the oldest in the history of advertising. At the telling advertising agency we did a special report on the origin of the Kit Kat slogan. The chocolate bar created by the Rowentree company in the 20s in York is one of the most popular in the world thanks to its slogan.

Now, for the 85th anniversary of the brand, they want to take a break from their slogan to propose an alternative one.

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Lego Art, the creative Lego experience to decorate our houses

Lego Art

Lego Art offers us a new way to relax as we decorate our homes.

Lego carries its entire history offering ways to stimulate our minds and enhance creativity and imagination. It was consolidated as a children’s reference thanks to its popular sets that each year were expanding and improving. The advent of digitization forced them to reinvent themselves, but they never lagged behind. Lego’s marketing and social media strategy gave them the chance to get to know their new consumers better, while consolidating lifelong consumers, now parents.

New lines of famous license-based products like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Marvel and the creation of animated movies based on the brand’s popular characters helped cement Lego as a featured entertainment product. Now, the Danish brand proposes a more adult-oriented step: Lego Art.

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The beautiful story of A-ha and Volkswagen in “Partners in reinvention”

A-ha and Volkswagen | Partners in reinvention

“Partners in reinvention” is the beautiful story of the popular A-ha group told by Volkswagen.

Car brands are clear that the road to electrifying cars has started and is unstoppable. Little by little the models that are launched have their alternative in electric format or have given up on their gasoline versions.

The most iconic cars in turn are making the transition to more sustainable models, and the brands are sparing no resources when it comes to advertising campaigns. This is the case of Volkswagen, which tells us in a beautiful story how the popular Norwegian group A-ha has evolved after its everlasting hit “Take on me” burst the charts around the world and defined a generation.

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The consecration of esports in advertising

Consagración de los eSports en la publicidad

The figures in the latest live events bluntly close any doubt about eSports.

eSports are already a reality. And they have burst into force to change the rules of advertising and marketing. The latest events related to video games have yielded some dizzying numbers that all brands must take into account.

The Fortnite World Cup held in New York, the FIFA eWorld Cup in London and the famous EVO in Las Vegas are the standards of the new fashion trend. The eSports arrive strongly and brands must take advantage of their popularity to reach a young and very prepared audience.

In his day we talked about how eSports can be an opportunity for brands and how Fortnite is a turning point in advertising and marketing. Now we are going to see their evolution and how they are breaking audience records.

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“The Focus”: Heineken encourages us to stare at Pirlo

The Focus - Heineken

“The Focus” is Heineken’s latest campaign in which he encourages us to stare at Andrea Pirlo.

Heineken has been sponsoring the Champions League for over 20 years. And during all this time he has left us memorable advertising campaigns.
Examples such as the first viral campaign, hidden camera jokes or the participation of soccer players have accompanied us throughout this time.

Although every year it is more complicated to innovate, the Dutch brand manages to overcome and present new creative proposals. The last one is called “The Focus” in which it invites us to stare at Andrea Pirlo.

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Go BKK by Nike: The original initiative to turn running into a game

Go BKK de Nike | Bangkok

Go BKK by Nike is an original initiative to turn running into a game where you can get products.

Thanks to the emergence of new technologies we have been able to see new ways of interacting with users. One of them is gamification in the world of marketing. Gamification is about becoming part of a game where you can get prizes and rewards. This is where brands must squeeze the brain to get loyalty and get us to follow the game.

One of these initiatives has been Go BKK by Nike which has been carried out in Bangkok as a test. To present their last shoe, they have distributed a series of beacons around the city that you must get. The more you get, the more rewards you will have.

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The enigmatic Porsche campaign for its new electric car

Electricity Talks, de Porsche

The Porsche campaign prepares us for the arrival of its electric model.

Automobile brands knows that the future is electric. They are already moving to launch their most iconic cars in electric format and many plan to have their entire electrified fleet a few years away. The Tesla effect has had an effect and the Elon Musk company has acted as a changing agent in the industry. Do not miss the fantastic article that we dedicate to the marketing and advertising strategy of Tesla to understand the reason for its success.

Well, brands like Nissan, Renault, BMW, Hyundai / KIA, Peugeot, Citroen and Opel already have most of the electric models and the remaining brands plan to have the entire fleet by 2025. Although they still have a high price and do not have many recharging points, the manufacturers have initiated the change.

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“Jetlag Social Club”, is the Aire France app to take advantage of the Jetlag

Jetlag Social Club de Air France

“Jetlag Social Club” is an initiative of the airline Air France-KLM to take advantage of Jetlag.

The Jetlag, also known as the syndrome of rapid change of time zone or how it can ruin a vacation. There are many people who suffer the Jetlag when they go on vacation. The time change of the destination country plays tricks on a high number of travelers by altering its internal clock.

With the passing of days, your body becomes accustomed to adapt to the new reality. During these days there are people who have a really bad time. For them, the French airline Air France-KLM has launched the “Jetlag Social Club”, an app to help us overcome this transit.

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