Mercedes-Benz history: The Journey that changed everything

“The Journey that changed everything” tells us a very important part of the history of Mercedes-Benz.

For a long time, having a Mercedes-Benz car was something completely aspirational. Many people wanted it, but very few could afford it. Having a Mercedes was synonymous with status, luxury, power. A label with which the brand has always felt comfortable and has known how to play their cards by taking models each more spectacular, in design, performance and price.

Everything changed when they realized that their target audience was greater and that many were starting to die. They should start targeting a younger audience to expand target if they wanted to survive. Thus, they began little by little to change their advertising campaigns, doing funny marketing actions in Zurich, or winks to the community as the Mercedes commercial based on Stranger Things.

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The funny ad from Mercedes inspired by Stranger Things

The latest ad from Mercedes is inspired by the popular TV Show ‘Stranger Things’

There are times when you create an advertising campaign have the opportunity to benefit from a successful event and the brands usually miss that opportunity. Just remember the campaigns related to viral internet moments, special holidays like Halloween or, in this case a TV show.

The last ad of Mercedes is based on the popular TV Show ‘Stranger Things’, one of last year’s hits in the American broadcaster Netflix that combine good script and an aesthetics of the 80 impeccably performed. If you have not yet seen it we recommend you do it immediately before the second season begins.

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