The fun MoneySuperMarket ad parodying Thelma and Louise

MoneySuperMarket returns with a parody of Thelma and Louise made with toy dolls.

In the telling advertising agency we love the ads of MoneySuperMarket. Few creatives dare to catch He-man and Skeletor and put them to dance Fame or Dirty Dancing. Advertising campaigns that turn viral instantly and play the emotional bond in a peculiar and different way than other brands.

The last MoneySuperMarket ad is starring Shindy, the English version of the popular Barbie for a break in the purest style “Thelma and Louise” but made with toy dolls.

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‘Epic Skeletor’ come back to dance Dirty Dancing in Moneysupermarket ad

The new Moneysupermarket ad brings us ‘Epic Skeletor’ dancing ‘Dirty Dancing’ with He-man.

Seldom have we seen such an epic, brilliant and spectacular spot as the Moneysupermarket spot featuring Skeletor, the popular He-man villain. We think the creators don’t expect the success of the advertising campaign. And they have not hesitated to perform a second part following the tonic of the first one, this time with the theme Dirty Dancing as a central song.

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A dancing Skeletor in the last Moneysupermarket Epic Ad

A dancing Skeletor boogies to ‘Fame’ in the last Moneysupermarket Epic Ad.

Epic, brilliant, tremendous, spectacular, hilarious or legendary are words that try to define the last Moneysupermarket epic ad.

You need to be very cool to put Skeletor, the arch-enemy of He-Man of Masters of the Universe, dancing in the rhythm of ‘Fama’ down the neighborhood and happy to have saved money in hiring insurance .

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