Movistar’s Love Story, the Shocking Ad against Child Abuse on the Web

Movistar’s Love Story is a love story with a surprising ending against Child Abuse on the Internet

We are liking the advertising that Movistar is doing in Latin America. We remember the action to get Gigas gratis in Peru and now we repeat with the Movistar in Mexico with a campaign to report the harassment of children in the network.

Movistar’s Love Story is a campaign of awareness and denunciation of child harassment in the internet intended for those more innocent who agree to chat with any stranger who sends a request for friendship.

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Movistar Speed Control, get free Gigabytes respecting the speed limit

Movistar Speed Control is an app that gives you free Gigabytes if you respect the speed limit in Peru.

In Lima, Peru, 30% of traffic accidents are for speeding. To raise awareness, Movistar Peru launched an original campaign entitled ‘Speed Control’ in which an app rewarded those drivers who respected the speed limit.

A Study made from Movistar found that during the summer on the southern beaches, most of the accidents due to speeding. Long roads incite to run to arrive at your destination before.

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