A grandfather lifting weights is the most emotional commercial of holidays

Anuncio del abuelo levantando pesas

A grandfather lifting weights is an endearing story that has been viral.

Christmas is coming and brands are rushing to launch their advertising campaigns. In a time with so much publicity noise, there are those who prefer to launch their campaign in mid-November and advance to the Christmas campaign. There are other brands that prefer to wait until the last week to move with their message and generate a positive impact.

These holidays have been campaigns of all kinds. Most undoubtedly conditioned or marked by the main protagonist of this 2020: Covid19. But we could agree that, of all, “The Letter” from Coca-Cola is the best that has been published. Well, today we will see an ad that could almost overshadow it. Popularly known as “the commercial of the grandfather lifting weights”, it has moved the networks and has already had more than 10 million views only on YouTube.

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Orange Christmas advert introduces us to “Unicorn Grandad”

Anuncio de Navidad de Orange | "Unicorn Grandad"

Orange’s Christmas advert features a grandfather, a granddaughter, and a unicorn filter.

Despite the inconvenience caused by the pandemic, the Christmas holidays remain a very special time. Although this year we have to do them in a small committee, the important thing is to be with our loved ones with good sense and common sense.

The Christmas adverts of the big brands reflect this. There are those that adapt to the current situation such as the Amazon Christmas advert, there is a fabled strip like the Coca-Cola Christmas advert or those that appreciate the effort of health personnel such as the Intermarché advert.

Orange’s Christmas advert introduces us to an endearing grandfather, his granddaughter and a peculiar unicorn filter as the central axis of the story.

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Intermarché’s Christmas advert is a tribute to the hospital staff

Anuncio de Navidad de Intermarche

The Intermarché Christmas advert is a tribute to all healthcare personnel.

This year, a tribute to health personnel could not be missing in the Christmas adverts. Those who are, without a doubt, one of the great protagonists that this 2020 has brought us.

This tribute has been made by Intermarché, which with its Christmas campaign narrates an emotional bond between a nurse and a family in the father’s recovery. A message of gratitude to all healthcare personnel for their response to the health emergency caused by Covid19.

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Apple’s Christmas commercial promotes its HomePod Mini

Anuncio Apple | Magic of Mini

“The Magic of Mini” is Apple’s Christmas commercial promoting its HomePod Mini.

It is not that Apple’s Christmas commercial has been made to wait, it is that the Christmas commercials have been advancing in recent years. The beginning of December marked the start and the bulk appeared two weeks before the festivities. Now everything has changed, the globalization of Black Friday as well as the need to advance Christmas shopping have forced brands to launch their Christmas campaigns in mid-November.

After the successful commercials of Coca-Cola, Amazon or Lotteries, it is the turn of another of the Christmas classics: Apple. And this year he wanted to promote his brand new product, aware that it could be a best seller this holiday season: The HomePod Mini.

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McDonald’s Christmas commercial for 2020 brings out our Inner Child

Anuncio de Navidad de McDonald's | Inner Child

“Inner Child” is McDonald’s Christmas commercial for 2020 that reminds us of the child in us.

The battle continues to see who makes the best commercial this Christmas. After Coca-Cola left the list very high with “The Letter” and that John Lewis and Sainsbury’s have not been able to reach for the moment, it is McDonald’s turn.

La multinacional americana ha lanzado su anuncio de Navidad para recordarnos el niño que llevamos dentro. Con “Inner Child” buscan el lado más sentimental del consumidor y que, a pesar de la situación tan complicada que estamos viviendo, el niño que llevamos dentro siempre nos acompañará.

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Sainsbury’s Christmas advert: “Food is Home. Home is Christmas”

Anuncio de Sainsbury's de Navidad

Sainsbury’s Christmas advert is an exercise in nostalgia for better times.

The UK supermarket chain is one of John Lewis’s great rivals when it comes to making Christmas adverts. Every year the two networks try to improve and win the title of best Christmas advertisement. There have been years in which the dispute has been close, others in which it has not. But there is certainly a commendable effort to improve and differentiate yourself from the rest.

Some of Sainsbury’s Christmas adverts have won the award for best Christmas holiday advert. We all surely remember the fantastic story of the First World War, the catchy song sung by James Corden in “The Greatest Gift” or the best Christmas advertisement of 2017 “Every bit of Christmas”.

For this 2020, Sainsbury’s has prepared a separate campaign in three parts. The motto “Food is Home. Home is Christmas” wants to convey a message of unity and familiarity.

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Coca-Cola’s Christmas Commercial: “The Letter”

Anuncio de Navidad de Coca-Cola | La Carta

Coca-Cola’s emotional Christmas commercial celebrates 100 years of the brand’s Christmas ads.

When we talk about Christmas commercials, Coca-Cola certainly comes to mind. Not in vain he has been making announcements for these dates for 100 years and all of them have marked us in one way or another.

This year is especially difficult for brands. Encouraging family gatherings does not seem like the best of ideas and brands try to move without going into too much detail. We’ve seen it in the Amazon Christmas ad, and we see it in this one from Coca-Cola.

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