Anuncio de Heinz - 150 años

Heinz’s commercial celebrates 150 years of clean dishes

Heinz’s commercial celebrates 150 years and is proud to leave the dishes clean.

The popular food brand Heinz celebrates 150 years. It seems like yesterday when H.J. Heinz started his food business in 1869. Its flagship product, ketchup, was launched seven years later with a recipe that still amazes everyone.

His landing in the United States made the brand and the bottle an American icon. In the hands of the agency DDB turned the product into the sales leader in its sector. Artists like Andy Warhol were commissioned to put Heinz in the history books of advertising with their colorful designs.

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Anuncio de guitarras Lakewood

The emotional commercial of Lakewood guitars: “Wake her soul”

The commercial of Lakewood guitars is a little hidden gem: “Wake her soul”

We live in an era of advertising fast-food, where everything is consumed instantly. Social networks set the pace and advertising campaigns adapt to Instagram Stories. The result, short moments, that are recorded in our retina and easily forgettable.

One of the solution of the brands before this paradigm is to generate many campaigns. So, when the first wave of ads has not yet finished, they start with a second wave to give continuity. And with this strategy they drag the other brands to do the same.

But sometimes advertising gives us some jewels, although each time it costs more to find them. In the telling advertising agency we know that a good storytelling allows the brand to build a solid foundation with which to grow later. This avoids following trends and falling into the advertising fast-food where everything is worth a handful of likes.

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Anuncio de Gatorade | Make them Sweat

The spectacular Gatorade commercial: “Make them Sweat”

The Gatorade commercial “Make them Sweat” show us funny scenes of elite football players.

Gatorade is the official drink of UEFA, and so he wanted to demonstrate in his new global campaign. A campaign focused on those sensations that the big stars provoke in their rivals.

“Make them Sweat” is the Gatorade commercial starring Messi and Gabriel Jesus as big claims. At the same time, we also see female and male soccer players who turn to the same concept: “Make them sweat”.

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Top Commercials of History: "Bouncing Balls" by Sony

Top Commercials of history: “Bouncing Balls”, by Sony

Top Commercials of History: "Bouncing Balls" by Sony

We analyze the best commercial of the first decade of this century: “Bouncing Balls”, by Sony.

It was the year 2005 when Sony launched its Bravia TV, whose colors were unrivaled in the products of the competition. And his advertising campaign was not going to be left behind. The campaign “Color like no other” marked a turning point in the world of advertising, the kick-off to what we know today as “Branded Content” bringing together dozens of bloggers taking photos at the set.

More than 250,000 colored balls were used and the budget exceeded 25 million dollars. The objective? create a strong visual impact but convey a simple message: “Color like no others”. Today, in our top commercials of history, we analyze Sony’s “Bouncing Balls”: The best commercial of the decade.

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Intro de Juego de Tronos con Galletas Oreo

Game of Thrones Title Sequence made with Oreo

This Game of Thrones title sequence made with Oreo it’s a tribute to the last season of the TV Show.

The final season of Game of Thrones is here and everyone is starting to get nervous. We are talking about one of the best series in history (with permission from Lost and Breaking Bad) and brands do not want to lose a single opportunity to reach us.

The creative community has had in Game of Thrones an inexhaustible source of inspiration. We remember the fantastic redesign of the shields of Game of Thrones or that campaign of What would happen if the members of an advertising agency were in Game of Thrones?. At the brand level we have had the true Sky Game of Thrones marathon.

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Shared Dream, de Nike

Nike’s Shared Dream tells a beautiful story of friendship

Nike follows his “Dream Crazy” with “Shared Dream” where tells a beautiful story of friendship.

In the 30th anniversary of the slogan Just Do It, Nike wanted to launch a series of campaigns based on “Dream Crazy”. For this he has expanded his slogan with “It’s only crazy until you do it” to get a new creative strategy. Embedded in this strategy has revolutionized the policy with “Dream Crazy”, and vindicate feminism in sport with “Dream Crazier”.

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Anuncio de Ralph Lauren - Family is who you love

The emotional Ralph Lauren commercial: “Family is who you love”

The emotional Ralph Lauren commercial is about the family and introduces a homosexual couple for the first time.

Brands are changing the way they communicate with consumers. All are introducing the concept of storytelling in their ads to demand what society is asking for: a more egalitarian world, without discrimination of any kind. Thus, we see campaigns like Dove, which with #ShowUs tries to modify the vision that brands have always had about the role of women in advertising.

Now it is the turn of Ralph Lauren, who begins to adopt the concept of diversity in all its communication. Ralph Lauren’s latest ad, entitled “Family is who you love” wants to reclaim the concept of family.

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Campaña de Dove #ShowUs

The Dove commercial aims to change the image of women in advertising

#ShowUs is the latest Dove campaign that aims to change the image of women in advertising.

Dove has known how to find his own path in the field of advertising. It was around 2013 that he started with a simple and powerful campaign with “Real Women”. This campaign took deep and turned the real beauty into a powerful insight that revolutionized the “Beauty Branding”.

The Dove advertising campaigns that followed knew how to find their own storytelling to identify with their target audience. “Real Beauty Sketches”, “Legacy” o “Love your Curls” are some of the projects that the Unilever brand has made in this line.

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Anuncio de Bianco | The Lift

The emotional Bianco commercial is a love story in an elevator

Bianco commercial is an emotional love story to encourage us to start a conversation.

In advertising, storytelling is a way of telling a story that connects us with the consumer and creates a link with it. And thanks to online platforms, brands can unleash their creativity without limitations.

This is the case of Bianco’s ad and his love story in the elevator. Bianco is a Danish fashion brand with a strong online presence around the world. And his last campaign encourages us to leave behind our insecurities. Titled “The Lift”, the ad is a story of a boy and a girl who match in the elevator, but neither of them dares to talk to the other. Thus, his thoughts guide us through a fictitious love story that takes place in the heads of the protagonists. A simple and effective love story that makes us be hooked to the screen until we know the final outcome.

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Spot de Apple | Privacy Matters

The funny Apple commercial in its commitment to privacy

The Apple commercial tells us about their commitment to privacy in their devices.

Apple is a company that has always taken privacy in its devices seriously. This has generated numerous problems with the authorities, such as the case of the San Bernardino shooting and how he denied the FBI to unblock the iphone from those responsible.

With each new iteration of its flagship products and new ways to unlock them, Apple adds a new layer of security to prevent someone else from unlocking your phone.

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Best Coca-Cola vs Pepsi Commercials

The Best Coca-Cola vs Pepsi commercials

Best Coca-Cola vs Pepsi Commercials

We analyze the century-old rivalry between Coca-Cola and Pepsi through its advertising campaigns.

Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been battling for control of the territories for more than 100 years. A story that began in 1886 when Dr. John Stith Pemberton invented a syrup in Atlanta called Coca-Cola. Only eight years later, Pepsi came into being, created by Caleb Bradham, another pharmacist based in New Bern, North Carolina.

With large investments in advertising and a powerful distribution network, Pepsi became the favorite beverage in the United States. Coca-Cola did not stay behind and began to counterattack to regain market share. A battle that peaked in 1975 when Pepsi launched the “Pepsi Challenge” and won Coca-Cola in a blind taste test.

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Anuncio de Kondomeriet

The suggestive Kondomeriet commercial, an erotic products store

The Kondomeriet commercial is a suggestive succession of foodporn images.

The most important sex shop in Norway turns 30. 30 years of worship of pleasure, disobedience and innovations in the art of sex enjoyed by Norwegians. And they wanted to celebrate the anniversary in a very special way.

The Kondomeriet commercial is an ode to #FoodPorn, the popular Instagram hashtag when we refer to a meal that, as good as it is, is pornographic.

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Anuncios Machistas de Budweiser

Budweiser sexist ads redesigned for Women’s Day

Anuncios Machistas de Budweiser

Budweiser sexist ads have been redesigned to mark Women’s Day.

Advertising has always been a true reflection of society. In it we can shed as it was lived in times past. Striking is the ads of the 50s and 60s where a society was represented where the woman was the housewife and the one that should serve the man.

With the passage of time this type of advertising has done more harm than good, as it has taken root in the collective thinking of society. The machismo that was established in the next generation is one of the great scourges to be eradicated. And the current advertising is already beginning to point in that direction: An egalitarian society where nobody is above others.

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Kama Sutra de Ikea

The Kama Sutra of Ikea to achieve the greatest satisfaction in your bedroom

The Ikea Kama Sutra arrives, a guide to achieve the greatest satisfaction in your bedroom.

How to meet the needs of people in the bedroom? That is the question that has been asked in IKEA USA, how they can improve our satisfaction in the bedroom. And the result has been a campaign where nothing is what it seems, a guide to the best positions in the bed: the Ikea Kama Sutra arrives.

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Anuncio de Nike - Dream Crazier

An advertising campaign by Nike starring the great athletes: Dream Crazier

Nike continues with its series of campaigns encompassed in the “Just Do it” with “Dream Crazier”, starring the great athletes.

Nike continues with its acclaimed series of campaigns encompassed in the slogan “Just Do it”. It marks 30 years of the famous tagline that changed the history of Nike and gave us some of the best nike ads in history. Now, after revolutionizing politics with “Dream Crazy” and vindicating the role of women in Mexico with “Together, unstoppable”; Nike returns with “Dream Crazier”, an ad starring only women.

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