Absolut’s animated commercial: “It’s in our spirit”

Anuncio animado de Absolut | "It's in our spirit"

Absolut’s animated commercial is a spectacular short titled “It’s in our spirit.”

In the telling advertising agency we love advertising campaigns carried out in animation. In its day we value the best animated commercials, pieces of tremendous quality that due to their condition are timeless.

We are aware that animation is not an easy resource for brands. It requires time, patience and precision, qualities that unfortunately are not distilled in a world where communication is consumed in fast food mode. But despite everything, real gems continue to arrive.

This is the case of the latest Absolut campaign, a spectacular animated short to encourage us to socialize again whenever possible.

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McDonald’s Christmas commercial for 2020 brings out our Inner Child

Anuncio de Navidad de McDonald's | Inner Child

“Inner Child” is McDonald’s Christmas commercial for 2020 that reminds us of the child in us.

The battle continues to see who makes the best commercial this Christmas. After Coca-Cola left the list very high with “The Letter” and that John Lewis and Sainsbury’s have not been able to reach for the moment, it is McDonald’s turn.

La multinacional americana ha lanzado su anuncio de Navidad para recordarnos el niño que llevamos dentro. Con “Inner Child” buscan el lado más sentimental del consumidor y que, a pesar de la situación tan complicada que estamos viviendo, el niño que llevamos dentro siempre nos acompañará.

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John Lewis’s advert for this Christmas: “Give A Little Love”

Anuncio de John Lewis | Give a Little Love

John Lewis’s advert is titled “Give A Little Love” and is made by various animators.

In a globalized world, what was once an event expected only in the UK has now become a global phenomenon. It didn’t take long for John Lewis’s commercials to go viral and be seen around the world. Each year has marked the starting of the Christmas campaign.

But in a globalized world, other brands also want their dose of prominence. That is why each year the Christmas adverts are released even before, so that consumers can share it without being overshadowed by others. The christmas adverts for Lego, Amazon and Coca-Cola have already been released, and today it is the turn of the John Lewis Christmas advert.

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Disney’s Christmas Commercial for 2020: “From Our Family To Yours”

Anuncio de Navidad de Disney 2020

Mickey Mouse and family traditions are the main protagonists of Disney’s Christmas commercial.

The Christmas commercials of the big brands continue to be released. We have already seen Amazon’s Christmas commercial, Coca-Cola and Lego. More and more brands are moving forward to launch their Christmas campaigns, a luxury that was previously owned by the John Lewis commercial and his endearing stories.

Today is Disney’s turn, with a story centered on Mickey Mouse and family traditions for Christmas. A three-minute short of the same quality as a Pixar story.

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The best LGBTQ commercials and Pride movement.

Best LGBTQ Commercials

We list the best LGBTQ commercials and Pride movement.

Brands have been naturally embracing the LGBTQ collective and the Pride movement. Values such as inclusivity, consistency and authenticity are very sweet to brands. And not only because this movement represents 3$ million in purchasing power, but because 54% of Millennials say they prefer to buy brands aware of the LGBTQ movement before others that do not focus on equality.

Step by step we have seen how brands turn to advertising, marketing and sponsorship campaigns. Especially Pride Day, which is celebrated every June 28 to commemorate the Stonewall riots in 1969. The raids carried out by the police in the popular New York bar and the consequences suffered by the group led to a wave of spontaneous demonstrations and violent for the first time in favor of the community.

Society is changing to become more sustainable, egalitarian and inclusive, and with it brands, who have not hesitated to offer large advertising campaigns to raise awareness in the rest of the world. Today we are going to review the best LGBTQ commercials and the Pride movement.

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The best Coca-Cola commercials of the decade (2010-2020)

The Best Coca-Cola Commercials of the decade

We list the best Coca-Cola commercials of the decade, from 2010 to today.

At the telling advertising agency we love Coca-Cola advertising campaigns. Without a doubt, the brand of brands when we talk about advertising and marketing campaigns.

The American multinational has been advertising since 1886 since it placed its first advertisement in the Atlanta Journal. Since then, it has not stopped innovating and surprising with its advertising.

In its day, let’s list the best Coca-Cola commercials in its history. A list that we recommend you read here, and in which we find jewels such as the Christmas ads or the mythical “For all”, which became the best Coca-Cola ad in history.

Ok, now we are going to list the best Coca-Cola commercials, which have aired from 2010 to the present. Authentic jewels that deserve to be among the best spots of the brand.

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North Face campaign encourages us to restart our lives

Campaña North Face | Reset Normal

“Reset Normal” es la nueva campaña de The North Face que nos anima a “reiniciar” nuestras vidas

La irrupción de la pandemia, la posterior vuelta a la normalidad y la llegada de la nueva ola ha supuesto un traspiés para todos. Muchos sentimos que nuestras vidas están en pausa, que no podemos hacer muchos planes ni predicciones. Hemos ido superando distintas fases, la del confinamiento, la desescalada y la vuelta a una rutina que no volverá a ser la de antes.

Aunque muchas marcas nos animan a tirar para adelante, la verdad es que el día a día se siente extraño. Es por eso que North Face nos animar a “reiniciarnos” y explorar nuevos caminos, metafóricamente y literalmente hablando.

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The Oreo commercial between a father and his daughter: “Proud Parent”

Anuncio de Oreo | Proud Parents

The Oreo commercial is a sweet story between his father and his daughter bringing his girlfriend home.

Oreo ad campaigns are usually upbeat and fun. But for their latest advertising campaign they have chosen a more tender tone for those parents whose children are members of the LGTBIQ + community.

And the brand is a firm defender of the community and very active with the Pride movement. And to prove it once again they have released “Proud Parent”, a tender story between a father and his daughter when he brings his girlfriend home.

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“Steps” is Bradesco’s commercial after their sensational “Decades”

Anuncio de Bradesco | Steps

Bradesco’s commercial surprises again after offering us one of the announcements of the year.

During the pandemic, brands launched many global campaigns. All of them were very similar due to the confinement restrictions but a few managed to stand out. Cases like the Bankinter ad, or the tremendous split-screen Nike ad. One of the few campaigns that went outside the norm was also “Decades” by Bradesco.

The ad created by BBDDO put the focus on the new heroes for children. Now, the Brazilian private bank is putting itself in the hands of Leo Burnett for his new advertising campaign.

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Intermarché’s funny advert for children’s questions

Anuncio de Intermarche | Les Questions

The Intermarché ad cannot answer all the questions children ask, but one can.

The French supermarket chain has been running large advertising campaigns for some time. “The Taste of Colors” or “L’Amour” are some examples of the fun Intermarché ads. Now they return to the load to position their brand with an advertising campaign in which they will try to answer at least one of all the questions that children ask themselves.

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The Ikea advert that encourages us to change things: “One Little Thing”

Anuncio de Ikea | One Little Thing

The Ikea Canada advert encourages us to take an active attitude towards sustainability.

The emergence of Covid19 has shown that climate change and sustainability are vital for future development. And that is what Ikea relies on to launch its latest advertising campaign. The Swedish multinational invites all inhabitants to save the planet by carrying out small daily actions.

Many brands have used sustainability and respect for the environment as one of the pillars in their business strategy. A clear example has been the last Estrella Damm campaign. This is how Ikea encourages us to be more sustainable.

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Nike’s commercial: “You Can’t Stop Us” is one of the adverts of the year.

You Can't Stop Us | Nike

Nike surprises us again with a split-screen ad titled “You Can’t Stop Us”.

Sometimes advertising surprises you again, makes you believe again and makes you fall in love again. There are advertising campaigns that mark a before and after and inspire those who see them. That is the art of advertising, convince yourself in 30, 60 or 90 seconds and change a bit of yourself. For great inspirational advertising campaigns we have many examples: “Think Different” by Apple, “For the human race” by Coca-Cola or “Thank You Mom” by P&G. But if there is any brand that takes advertising campaigns to another level, that is Nike.

At the advertising agency we are fans of the work done by the Wieden + Kennedy agency, in charge of Nike’s campaigns. A brand that has had advertising as a substantial axis of its expansion in the world. We all remember that fantastic “Good vs Evil” with Eric Cantona or the famous “Airport” with the Brazilian team.

More recently, it has continued to surprise us with campaigns such as “Air”, which was chosen as the best ad of 2018 by our agency, or “Dream Further”, in which the plea in favor of women’s football became stronger than ever. Today, Nike has surpassed itself again with a spectacular announcement of the best campaign of the year.

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Dove’s commercial for the Covid19 healthcare professionals: “Courage”

Anuncio de Dove | Courage

“Courage” is Dove’s commercial for Covid19 that focuses on healthcare professionals

The pandemic forces companies to react to help fight Covid19. From reorienting production to make disinfectants, masks, or respirators, to making large donations to organizations that are on the street.

This is the case of Dove, which has launched an advertising campaign for Covid19 and is also donating facial care products to Canadian health professionals. It is also making financial contributions to organizations like Direct Relief.

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Google’s commercial to find famous movie scenarios

Anuncio de Google | Find Your Scene

Google’s commercial for the Oscars invites us to find famous movie scenarios.

The time when Google did not advertise has been forgotten. Immersed in a battle for the hardware of their products with Amazon, Microsoft and Apple, they must explain the benefits of their products. And they do it through their applications, which for so long have been creating, updating and optimizing.

This battle is also fought when marketing and advertising. We have seen how in the Super Bowl commercials, Google introduced us to how its voice manager worked with Loretta’s endearing commercial. Now he does the same to promote Google Maps and show people how much match he can get.

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The ET commercial coming home for Christmas revolutionizes networks

The ET commercial returning home for Christmas revolutionizes social networks.

It’s here. The best commercial of this Christmas. And it is that the English video platform on demand Sky is revolutionizing the networks with its Christmas commercial.

Neither more nor less than E.T. coming home for Christmas after 37 years. A tremendously emotional commercial that points directly to nostalgia with a story that could well be the epilogue of the famous film made by Steven Spielberg.

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