Renault’s commercial is a tribute to Dungeons & Dragons

The last Renault commercial is a tribute in real image of the mythical series “Dragons and Dungeons”

The nostalgia marketing is being a resource very used lately by the big brands. And the 80s and 90s are a recurring time to turn to when we speak of nostalgia. Those children are today potential consumers that brands pursue to seduce.

And no wonder, feeling nostalgic reminds us of past memories. These memories improve our mood, reduce stress and have a positive effect on the future. If advertising manages to evoke those memories, the brand memory and the link with the consumer is strengthened. This is pure gold for any marketing campaign.

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‘The Swap’ it’s a funny advertising campaign from Dacia

‘The Swap’ is the funny advertising campaign from Dacia that exchanges Udinese fan jobs with its football players.

The Dacia car brand has been sponsoring Udinese, a Serie A Italian football team for over 4 years. In this time he has carried out numerous marketing actions to associate his brand with the football team and his fans.

For their last advertising campaign they make a funny action titled ‘The Swap’ where Udinese players who did not play the match on sunday exchanged their position with a fan who could not attend the match because his work.

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