TOP5: Sega Best Commercials

Sega Best Commercials

We take a look at the top five Sega Best Commercials when the brand celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Sega is one of the most beloved brands by the millennial generation. Many of us have grown up with a Sega product at home or, if we had any from Nintendo, we knew of its existence due to the bitter rivalry they experienced in the 90s. A rivalry very well explained and detailed in the book “Console Wars” by Blake J. Harris.

Well, the Japanese brand has turned 60 years old. Originally founded on June 3, 1960 under the name of Nihon Goraku Bussan Co. Ltd. and was engaged in manufacturing jukeboxa and slot machines. After several purchases, mergers, and name changes in 1965, it was renamed SEGA Enterprises and was importing arcade games into Japan. Disenchanted with the American arcades, they decided to make their own games and arcade games by merging with Service Games. After releasing several games, they created two home systems to compete against the Nintendo Famicom until 1986 when they released their Mark III model and called it “Master System”. Two years later he launched Mega Drive, thus beginning a battle to dominate the living rooms of our houses.

Now, 60 years later we are going to go back to the past and review the best Sega Commercials.

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