The spectacular Icelandair’s advertising for the Icelandic women’s football team

A spectacular Icelandair’s advertising for support the Icelandic women’s football team on the Euro tournament.

Iceland’s national teams are often proud with their country in all the tournaments in which it participates. We all remember what happened in the EURO 2016 of France when the Viking country surprised us with his way in the competition.

Now the Icelandic women’s soccer team participates in the European championship celebrated in Netherlands as one of the ‘easy tem’s’ of the tournament. Its mirror is the success accomplished by the men’s team in the commented competition.

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The Best advertising campaigns in Cannes Lions

Best Advertising Campaigns in Cannes

The best advertising campaigns seen in Cannes Lions. Listing with gold lions awarded at the advertising festival.

This week has been Cannes Lions. The advertising and creativity festival brings together all the creative talent worldwide to choose the best advertising works. Raising oneself with the prestigious statue of the lion is almost impossible task. We have remembered all the Grand Prix of the festival, and now we are going to review the Golden Lions or what is the same, the best advertising campaigns seen in Cannes.

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Emotional TV Ad from Allegro where a mother tries to find a costume for her daughter

The emotional TV Ad from Allegro where a mother tries to find a costume for her daughter.

Allegro is a Polish auction website which gets viral thanks to a Christmas ad that became viral in 2016 in which an older gentleman wanted to learn English and got it through the products that the Polish brand sold.

Now they made a new TV Ad where we see a mother trying to find a costume to her daughter. The emotional TV Ad from Allegro titled “Costume Party” keeps the same tone of its last campaigns to make known everything that you can find in its web page.

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‘Make a date with a Harlequin’ is the hottest TV Commercial from Harlequin

The latest TV Commercial from Harlequin, the romantic novel publisher encourages to have a date with a Viking or a Cowboy.

We like the advertising campaigns of Harlequin, an editorial specializing in romantic novels. We still remember that fantastic campaign titled “Whatever your’re into”, where some women unleashed their passion with a cowboy and a soldier respectively with their own husbands presents.

In a wonderful analogy between day-to-day evasion and routine with the simple fact of opening a book, Harlequin showed us that advertising campaigns can be done to sell romantic novels and not lose a single ounce of creativity.

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Paul’s Journey, the inspiring history in the last Swedish Railways ad

The last Swedish Railways ad shows us Paul’s captivating interior journey that will change his life.

We like companies that make ads that dare to break with the traditional routine and go a step further to captivate the consumer. And that is what the Swedish Railways has done for its latest tv commercial.

An surprising and unexpected communication of a railway company awaits us in Paul’s Journey, the new Swedish Railways ad. And when you expect that any slogan “we arrive punctual”, “at your service” or “maximum service and quality” appears, is when the story captivates you.

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